10 ways to keep your meditation practice going over the holidays

The holidays are almost here and with changes to routines and all the glorious festivities it can be challenging to stick to a daily meditation practice! So we reached out to our ACMM Coaches for some tips on how they keep their meditation practices going over the holiday period. 

Tip Number 1

“One thing I recommend and use is good quality earphones – ideally noise cancelling if you can. This helps me to meditate when others are around me.

I also think Tara Brach’s motto is really helpful to remember – “Everyday no matter what”. Having the intention to sit for 2 minutes will often lead to longer sits and reminds me of why I love to meditate.” – ACMM Coach Leanne Russell 

Tip Number 2

“The extra time available (due to holidays generally) means lots more time for meditation. I find this time so joyous (love it) all the colours, sounds, Xmas trees and smiles on kids faces. I’m a big holiday season fan, to me it means the beach, sun, water, lazing around. I looooove meditating on the beach – so perhaps my tip is find that place for you that you feel calm and relaxed whether actually, or via a visualisation and let yourself rest there for even a few minutes.

Or my other tip might be to simply be with what is – the colours, sounds, smells, tastes, smiles of the holiday season – can you bring a sense of allowing to what is and experience the amazingness flowing!” – ACMM Coach Tim James

Tip Number 3 

“Be kind to yourself and be flexible. Often if children are home and routines are changing, the routine of your regular practice may need to adapt as well. Try breaking your practice up into smaller sittings, perhaps one in the morning and one at night rather than one long sitting. It may help to keep the focus light and on relaxation and recharging.” – ACMM Coach Jacqui Mulholland

Tip Number 4

“Make it a priority by staying close to your intention/your ‘why’ for your meditation practice and communicate this to your household members, visitors, family and friends. If they know it’s important to you they might play a part in supporting you to maintain your commitment.

Remind yourself on a daily basis of your intention for your practice, why your needs matter and the importance of honouring what nourishes, sustains and supports you. As meditation teacher Jack Kornfield says, “The circle of compassion is incomplete if it doesn’t include yourself” and self-compassion in action means actively protecting and advocating for what matters to you – your relationship with yourself, your practice and taking time to genuinely connect, listen and respond to your inner and outer needs.” – ACMM Coach Morgan Jai-Morincome 

Tip Number 5

“Allow your practice to flow with the changes in your schedule and social commitments over the holiday season and remember it doesn’t have to be something you do alone. Your practice may not look like it usually does and that’s okay, it’s a great opportunity to explore and approach your practice with a beginner’s mind.

For example, you may be on holidays and have more time to incorporate walking meditations into your day, or you may be spending more time with your children and can incorporate a fun mindfulness activity together like finger painting or inner child role play. You may have the space to turn up the music and enjoy a dancing meditation with friends or introduce your loved ones to meditation and practice together.

Get creative, be open minded and most of all have fun!” – ACMM Coach Sammy Wynn

Tip Number 6

“I find that when I can’t stick to my usual routine due to visitors or visiting others, I try to find every opportunity to practice informal practice throughout the day – a mindful walk on my own in nature, if on the beach an inner child play in the sand, or even some mindful doodling.” – ACMM Coach Susie McPhie

Tip Number 7

“For me the holidays are an opportunity to be gentle with myself and restore my energy. I love the feminine shift that occurs in my life during this time which is less routine based and more of a go with the flow feeling. If this resonates it might help you to bring this approach into your meditation practice too and be more flexible, creative, playful and compassionate with how your practice unfolds each day. Who knows what new ways of meditating you might discover during this time!

Being summer I also tend to embrace meditating outside more too which helps create some spaciousness from my human loved ones and all the activity happening inside the house .” – ACMM Coach Lauren Howe

Tip Number 8

“Ah yes, I remember this being a challenging one, especially when we were away with friends. I always have had a little ritual before I begin to meditate. I light a candle and tap a singing bowl then I choose a crystal to hold before I begin. So when I go away I have an old sunglasses case with a tealight candle,  lighter, a small crystal and I have a tiny singing bowl I also bring. This way I can still have my little ritual before I begin. It really supports me in keeping my practice flowing.”  – ACMM Coach Felicity Carson

Tip Number 9

“Rumi the 13th Century Poet says: “How often do we pay regular visits to ourselves?”
For me it is about my meditation practice being a significant part of my everyday life; celebrating it as part of my everyday routine. When it is really busy like the holiday season and new year it might be a shorter practice of loving kindness or compassion; instead of a full meditation.” – ACMM Coach Kate Gee

Tip Number 10

“The key for me during holiday time is to make sure I meditate first thing in the morning. I find, particularly when days are unstructured and there’s a bit more ‘go with the flow’ type vibe (as holidays often are), there’s more chance for meditation to be ‘forgotten’ as the usual routines and reminders are not there.

It can also be an opportunity to practice gratitude for having time off, for our relative privilege, for freedom of movement, health, choices etc. What a blessing to be able to take holidays and appreciate not having to DO anything! ” – ACMM Coach Jen Hill

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