Accidentally on Purpose – Our interview with Asher Packman

On Thursday evening 23 February we were blessed to have Asher Packman (President of Meditation Australia) join our Business Lounge LIVE webinar, sharing his journey and philosophy on life and business!

Opening his soul and sharing his story vulnerably and with passion and poetry, Asher’s journey led him to create The Fifth Direction, a mythopoetic community for lovers of meditation, breathwork, poetry, art, myth and storytelling. This community provides a space and learnings for leaning into vulnerability and feeling, for deepening into soul and for sharing in a supported community.

Throughout the evening we were invited to rest in soul through heartfelt stories, myths and poetry shared by Asher. It was an evening of community with much sharing, insight and wisdom.

Asher spoke to the power of meditation in the world and invited us as meditation teachers to be and become elders as we develop and age, nurturing the next generations.

As shared on the evening, ‘your business is your soul expressed in the outside world’ and the evening reinforced this and clarified and simplified the path ahead. It reminded us of the importance of what we’re all doing as meditation teachers and was a call to action.

Thank you to everyone who attended live and to the ACMM team and to Asher Packman for your generosity in both the horizontal and vertical dimensions.

Highlights Reel

We thought you might enjoy seeing some special moments from the live session:

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