Which online meditation teacher training is right for you?

This week, we touch on some fundamental things to research when deciding which is the best online meditation & mindfulness teacher training for you. It is important to do thorough research as not all meditation and mindfulness teacher training are created equal.


Are you on the hunt for a meditation and mindfulness teacher training course?

Then not only have you come to the right place, but I have some important information that will help you navigate the myriad of confusing options available.

Did you know that there is no regulation or a National training package available for meditation and mindfulness? On one hand that is a blessing. There would be nothing worse than a homogenised and oversimplified treatment of these deep, ancient and life-changing practices. On the other hand, how do you make comparisons between courses when there are so many options?

In this blog I would like to point out 3 features of ACMM online Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training that you need to know when considering your options:


#1  No expiration of content

  1. Our core course content contains hundreds of pages of  valuable content that you will want to come back and refer to many times while you are teaching – it contains links to videos and audios. All this is downloadable so you can keep the content forever!

This means that even years down the track, you can come back to your valuable course content and refer to it, refresh your memory and use it to keep creating great programs for your changing needs!

We also suggest that you print your content (on recycled paper) so that you can work with pen and paper – this allows you to access more creativity, connection and flow in your learning process.


#2 Individualised, one-on-one support

  1. The only personal contact most online courses give you is the ability to call with questions and sometimes group chats. We don’t think this is sufficient for this kind of course. This work is not of a basic intellectual nature. Our content stimulates a deeply personal and professional journey through the learning material and this requires personalised and attentive support.

So, at ACMM we provide scheduled one on one appointments with your coach for each module and elective. These calls last from 30-45 mins depending on the session, and allow personalised attention and an open opportunity to ask questions and discuss concepts and challenges. Coaches build a positive and encouraging relationship with their students, and it is through this interaction that students feel fully supported to complete and excel in their studies. These appointments are individually scheduled at a time that suits you and your coach. In mid-2021 we will also be building group mentoring sessions into the program at no extra cost. In addition, we already have our regular free group meditation sessions for our whole community to enjoy.

Of course, you also have phone, email and peer support at any time. So, all this is an incredible value. Why would you choose to learn any other way?


#3 Meditation Australia Membership

Something that it’s important to be aware of is that not all Meditation Australia registered courses are the same. There are 2 levels of membership: Provisional and Full. Most registered training providers provide provisional membership which lasts only 3 years, after that time you will need to find a training provider to bridge the gap to full membership which can be quite tricky since there are so many different ways to meditate, and you will need to find a supervisor who is aligned with your way of teaching. ACMM are one of the few providers who offer a streamlined pathway of training to take you all the way to full membership of Meditation Australia.

Remember that you can speak to someone anytime about your interest in our meditation and mindfulness teacher training courses. Simply go to the contact page on our website to request an appointment or call 03-9807 4889.

With love

Lisa x

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