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Highlighting Our Graduates: Pauline Butler


1.5 min read. Meet ACMM meditation teacher graduate, Pauline Butler, from Geelong, Victoria. Pauline takes a moment to chat about her journey into becoming a meditation teacher and how it is assisting her with her counselling business. 


Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I live in Geelong, Victoria, with my husband and two cats. I’m passionate about my family & friends, animals, the environment and being kind. I am a Holistic Counsellor and run my own business CHI Connection Healing Insight. I also work part-time as a Business Operations and Compliance Manager and volunteer once a week at a local animal shelter here in Geelong.


What attracted you to become a meditation teacher and study with ACHS?

I discovered meditation through my counselling studies.  Meditation really helped me to be with my own emotions. It was a great coping mechanism while I worked through some personal issues, and it helped me gain insight into particular issues. I wanted to add teaching meditation to my counselling “tool kit”, and share it with my clients.


How have your counselling clients responded to the meditation techniques you have introduced? What sort of feedback have you received?

They have found them very useful. In particular, breath work when feeling anxious. There are times when I have used visualisations to get guidance from their future self. A lot of my clients have been pleasantly surprised about what they discovered.


How has meditation impacted you on a personal level?

I can handle stressful situations a lot more calmly and I have gained, and continue to gain, insights that continue to help me grow as a person.


What does your personal meditation practice look like? What styles or types of meditation do you enjoy?

I LOVE listening to Tibetan healing bowls and ambient music. My favourite way to meditate is sitting on our back deck in the morning sun and listening to the neighbour’s budgies chirping away.



Do you have your own meditation/mindfulness/holistic business, plans to start one? If so tell us about it and how meditation is a part of this.

My business, CHI Connection Healing Insight, helps people reach their full potential through individual Holistic Counselling sessions and group workshops, regular meditation sessions and Retreats. Meditation is a really important service I offer to my clients. I conduct guided meditation classes once a week in the space that I rent for counselling.  Since COVID-19 I’ve taken this online and run two classes a week!


Can you describe your client base, as a meditation teacher based in Geelong?

My counselling clients include staff from a local disability support organisation who use my services as part of their Employee Assistance Program. I really enjoy working with clients who are brave enough to look into the past to discover the root cause of an issue and the clients who are really committed to doing the work.


Do you have any events, workshops or classes coming up in the next few months?

I usually run a mini-retreat with a yoga colleague once a month. We start with gentle yoga or QiGong, followed by an interactive self-development workshop followed by a guided sound bath meditation. Unfortunately COVID-19 has altered our plans for a little while. They will get back up and running and will be advertised on my Facebook page

I’m currently running counselling sessions online and will be returning to face-to-face sessions very soon, now restrictions are beginning to lift.


How did you find shifting to online meditation classes? Is this something you would consider continuing as part of your offering?

Really easy! I was already used to the technology. I’ll be continuing running my classes online, as I now have people from interstate joining the group. The participants have also commented on how convenient it is for them.


What would you say to someone who is thinking about becoming a meditation teacher?

Just do it! It’s really rewarding being able to help people have a break from the hustle and bustle of life.


What have you enjoyed about studying with ACMM?

The materials are really well put together, the support from the coaches has been great. Most of all I’ve loved discovering more about myself and having more tools to grow on a personal level.


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