How to create an income as a Meditation Teacher on Insight Timer

In this live online event, Insight Timer meditation teacher and ACMM graduate Louise Baird explains how to create an income as a Meditation Teacher on Insight Timer. Louise generously shares her experience and what she has learned, in her first year as a teacher on Insight Timer.  She shares the ups and downs, what has worked and what hasn’t. This event is part of the Business Lounge Live program available to students and graduates of ACMM Meditation Teacher Training courses.

Are you thinking of building a presence and creating an income on the Insight Timer app?

Chances are that if you’re into meditation, you have heard of the Insight Timer app, or have used it to meditate with. The app can be used in many ways to support the establishment and maintenance of a meditation practice. Here are some of the ways people use Insight Timer:

  • As a timer
  • As a way to bring focus back to the meditation practice through chimes of many different sounds and timings
  • To access a range of free and premium (paid) guided meditation recordings
  • To access a range of free and premium courses
  • To access a range of free and premium live events

The App is free to download, and there is a premium level membership that gives users access to additional premium content. Insight Timer is a very popular international platform for meditation teachers to offer content to the public and receive income for it. (Think of it like a type of Spotify for Meditation Teachers).


Why become a Meditation Teacher on Insight Timer?

Most Meditation Teachers are also small business owners. Having a presenceand creating an income as a meditation teacher on Insight Timer provides you with an opportunity to:

– expand their reach

– be seen and heard by a wide, international audienceRecording a guided meditation audio for insight timer app

– gain new clients and students

– and earn income

Louise shared that whilst the number of teachers on Insight Timer might be huge (18,000 at time of writing, there are also large numbers of people using the app to guide their meditation sessions (500,000-700,000 per day). So it’s definitely worth considering developing a presence on Insight Timer.


What you need to become a Meditation Teacher on Insight Timer

You will need a Meditation Teaching Qualification to become a Meditation Teacher on Insight Timer. ACMM offer a leading range of industry recognised courses that are comprehensive, easy to access and supported by individualised mentoring. Learn more here. 

You will also need some recording and audio editing equipment and software. Most people use a microphone that attaches to their laptop or phone, and edit their audios themselves. Some teachers with a larger budget use a professional recording studio.

If using background music, you will need to make sure you use royalty free music. Some teachers don’t use music at all.


The key learnings that Louise shared from her experience as a Meditation Teacher earning an income on Insight Timer

  • Louise recommended maintaining a fun, playful and curious attitude to sharing your meditation recordings and courses on Insight Timer. There is so much to explore, and so many ways to share your work. Some things will work for you, and some won’t, so she recommends bringing your sense of humour and play and not being discouraged if something doesn’t work, as there are plenty of other options.


  • Louise explained that she has found more success since focussing on building community, rather than focussing too much on the numbers and amount of income.


  • She loves that as a teacher, you are already part of a community on Insight Timer. There are many other teachers on the app who support each other on the app.


  • A steady stream of content builds income. So aim to post new content regularly, so that your followers keep seeing new content to engage with and enjoy.


  • It’s important to consider the needs of your followers and potential followers when creating content for the app. As much as possible try to tailor your content to the niches that showcase your talents and also meet the needs of your audience. Posting continuous and diverse content will give you plenty of data to work with when it comes to deciding where to place your focus.


A wonderful Business Lounge Live Event for our Students and Graduates

Louise was incredibly generous with her insights and along the way provided questions for participants to take away and work with, to develop an approach that works for each individual teacher’s needs. If you would like to watch the whole event, you will need to be an ACMM Student or Graduate and subscribe to the ACMM Business Lounge.

Here are some highlights from the event:

ACMM event - how to create an income with insight timer app


Gain a qualification that enables you to become a Meditation Teacher on Insight Timer

If you would like to become a Meditation Teacher and have the option of showcasing your work on Insight Timer to earn an income and grow your audience, then check out the options at ACMM.

Our Meditation Teacher Training courses help you succeed with:

  • Many different course options to suit your needs and goals
  • Specialised subjects that enable you to customize your studies to help you explore the things you care and are passionate about. This helps you easily find your niche as a meditation teacher.
  • Fantastic group events, meditation gatherings, retreats and live online events that provide space, connection and encouragement.
  • Stay fully informed about the latest trends in the Meditation and Mindfulness Teaching space with the ACMM Business Lounge. An extensive program that helps students and graduates learn about what the top teachers in this space are doing and how to get involved. This program is an outstanding offering that helps you start and grow your Meditation offerings.
  • Gain valuable connections and work experience through our Community Work Placement Program. A one of a kind program to give you a head start by teaching in a community organisation. ACMM has loads of connections to make this happen for you.
  • And of course, we have a wonderful, like-hearted and generous community available to you, so you never have to feel alone in your journey to becoming a meditation teacher and growing your offerings.
  • Learning the key industry secrets to creating a successful small business as a Meditation Teacher. Including how to create an income as a Meditation Teacher on Insight Timer, and much, much more.

Article written by Lisa Forde, ACMM founder.

At ACMM, you will discover a world of online and accredited meditation and mindfulness teacher training. We offer Certificate, Advanced Certificate, and Diploma Training Options, with optional Business Development Support alongside and after your training.

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