Navigating Challenges with Confidence and Self compassion meditation teacher event

Navigating Challenges With Confidence and Self Compassion at ACMM

Last week, ACMM Meditation Teaching Community members gathered for our Peer Connection Group Session entitled ‘Navigating Challenges With Confidence and Self Compassion’.   This supportive event was designed for new Meditation Teachers and those studying with ACMM. It helped us to successfully manage the inevitable challenges and hiccups that come with starting or growing a new business and getting out there as a Meditation Teacher.


ACMM Mentors, and PCG Facilitators Sammy Wynn and Donna Shiel ran an honest, supportive and informative session.

Navigating challenges wiht conficent and compassion for meditation teahersStudents and graduates of the ACMM tribe got to learn more about this topic, as well as connect and collaborate with each other.

What was covered:

Challenges are an inevitable part of life and meditation teaching. Sometimes, our inner perfectionist can stop us from embracing the magical opportunities that lie beneath the surface of challenges.

In this session, Sammy and Donna shared some of their own personal experiences of making mistakes and how these have often led them to their biggest wins. They also introduce the concept of the ‘Community of Selves’ as a tool grow a deeper understanding of self and facilitating groups in safety.


Some highlights of the session included:

– Sammy shared her experiences of how being with yourself with compassion can allow you to tap into the gifts of inner critic and perfectionist.
– Donna shared her mantra, ‘First Facilitate Thyself’ which she uses to centre herself prior to working with groups.
– Participants connected in small groups to come up with a 1 minute ‘magic of mistakes’ inspirational speech to a group of teenagers about to leave high school. This was a fun and inspiring way for students to collaborate, get to know each other and give and receive inspiration.

As an ACMM Student, and optionally as a graduate, you will have access to these Peer Support sessions designed to help build your confidence as a Meditation Teacher. You will get to connect with other students and graduates and walk away inspired and energised to get your offerings out into the community as only you can!

Watch a short event re-cap from Navigating Challenges With Confidence and Self Compassion



Thank you to ACMM Coaches Sammy Wynn and Donna Lo Bartolo Shiel for facilitating this highly informative, supportive and inspiring session for the ACMM community.

All ACMM students and graduates have access to our Peer Connection Groups – Sessions that support Meditation Teachers to bring their talents and skills out into the community by bringing support to any fears or blocks that might be preventing them from doing so.


At ACMM we offer Certificate, Advanced Certificate, Diploma, Community Work Placement and Masters Study Options in Meditation and Mindfulness Teaching and Guiding, with 1:1 mentoring and optional Business Development Support alongside and after your training.

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