Highlighting Our Students & Graduates – Natalie Michels

This month we want you to meet ACMM graduate Natalie Michels! Natalie is the CEO of a manufacturing business and has now opened her own meditation studio where she teaches adults and children. In this blog Natalie shares how meditation supported her during health challenges and led her on a path to becoming a meditation […]

How deepening your connection to nature can deepen connection with yourself

This month we launch another new elective – Meditation for connecting with nature. This multi-faceted addition to our already comprehensive elective choices can be studied within our Certificate courses or as a standalone short course. Read on to find out more… Disconnection: A harmful product of our times Over the last two centuries, humans, especially those […]

Accidentally on Purpose – Our interview with Asher Packman

On Thursday evening 23 February we were blessed to have Asher Packman (President of Meditation Australia) join our Business Lounge LIVE webinar, sharing his journey and philosophy on life and business! Opening his soul and sharing his story vulnerably and with passion and poetry, Asher’s journey led him to create The Fifth Direction, a mythopoetic […]

Highlighting Our Students & Graduates – Paige Lyall

This month we want you to meet ACMM almost graduate Paige Lyall! Paige is a Disability Support Worker in Victoria who has her own Meditation and Personal Training business “Mind&BodyCo”! In this blog Paige shares her future plans and how meditation has supported her to decrease anxiety, be more present and be her own best […]

Overcoming Challenges to Share Meditation and Mindfulness in Your Community

Starting a meditation and mindfulness business can be challenging. You need to be knowledgeable and prepared to share your expertise with the local community. There are many difficulties you may encounter, but with the right resources and strategies, you can make it a success. ACMM’s post graduate Community Work Placement (CWP) program seeks to build […]

Discover the ways meditation can refresh your life in 2023!

Meditation can help you experience a renewed sense of clarity and peace in your life. It can help you to become more mindful of your thoughts, feelings, and surroundings and create a space for inner growth and development. With regular practice, meditation can help you to prioritise self-care, build more positive relationships, and increase your […]

Highlighting Our Students & Graduates – Karen Hamilton

This month we want you to meet ACMM graduate Karen Hamilton! Karen is from a small country town in Central West NSW. Karen is a recently retired school teacher who runs regular community meditation classes and staff sessions for workplaces such as the local day care, the local pre and primary school. Continue reading to […]

5 things to consider when planning a meditation retreat

If you’d like to create your own meditation retreat, there are a few things you may like to consider. Meditation retreats can be delivered in a range of experiential ways and the only limit when creating these nurturing experiences is your imagination. Meditation retreats are a beautiful way to provide a comprehensive and holistic meditation […]

How much does a meditation teacher need to meditate?

The Dalai Lama said that “All human beings have an innate desire to overcome suffering, to find happiness. Training the mind to think differently, through meditation, is one important way to avoid suffering and be happy.” Why do we teach meditation? Teaching meditation is an enriching and rewarding experience that empowers and relaxes others and deepens […]

Highlighting Our Students & Graduates – Dee Brilley

This month we want you to meet ACMM graduate Dee Brilley! Dee is from Junee NSW and is an ACMM graduate and Early Childhood Teacher. She has used her her meditation qualification to start her own business, Embracing Embodied Minds which offers a space where children can express themselves authentically and creatively. Continue reading to […]

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