Highlighting Our Students & Graduates – Anila Paul

This month we want you to meet ACMM graduate Anila Paul! Anila  lives in Sri Lanka and is in the process of setting up the Ayuda Centre of Healing which will integrate evidence based clinical and eastern medicine with mind-body-spiritual experiences under one umbrella. Continue reading to find out more about Anila’s rich and challenging […]

How to Grow a Sustainable Heart-Centred Business

One week before the recent ACMM Retreat we held an amazing Business Lounge LIVE event where Lauren Howe and Tim James interviewed ACMM founder and Principal Lisa Forde on the topic – Growing a Sustainable Heart-centred Business. A topic so close to all our hearts. We were blessed to hear about Lisa’s meditation, healing and […]

5 Things To Avoid When Guiding Meditation

Guiding meditation is one of the ways that mindfulness and meditation teachers can share their skills and knowledge with others. Guiding meditation can support attendees to witness and enter their own inner landscape, enabling them to explore their mind, body, and heart in a profound way. To facilitate this journey for attendees effectively, there are […]

6 Ways You Can Earn an Income as a Meditation Teacher

Teaching meditation is immensely rewarding work and becoming an increasingly valued and sought-after skill in Australia. More and more, and especially since the covid pandemic, there is a growing demand from people wanting practical tools, tips and practices to strengthen focus and concentration, manage emotional reactions and intensity, enhance executive thinking, and boost mental health, […]

Highlighting Our Students & Graduates – Angela Playford

This month we want you to meet ACMM graduate Angie Playford! Angie has a Diploma in Counselling and started her meditation teacher training at 63. Angie plans to teach meditation locally and is called to sharing mindfulness with dementia patients Continue reading to find out more. Hi Angie! Tell us a little bit about yourself  […]

Meet Our ACMM Coaches – Brea Willingham

When you enrol at ACMM you get your very on Meditation and Mindfulness Coach to support and mentor you along your journey!   This month we want to introduce you to ACMM Coach Brea Willingham. Brea learnt to meditate when she was only 8 years old and now runs weekly meditation classes in the coastal suburb […]

What does a meditation teacher do?

One of the beautiful benefits of being a meditation teacher is that it can be such a rich and vast role. Just like the clients you will guide, there is so much variety and diversity that you can take into your role as a teacher. A meditation teacher, in essence, supports and guides students and […]

10 ways that mindfulness can help leaders

“Integrity is the only path where you will never get lost.” Mike Maples Jnr, Leader Mindfulness practice has so much to offer leaders. Today, many leaders of successful organisations are vocal mindfulness champions. While mindfulness is not a panacea, is not for everyone or beneficial in all circumstances, here are 10 ways that mindfulness can […]

Highlighting Our Students & Graduates – Holly Shoebridge

This month we want you to meet ACMM graduate Holly Shoebridge! Holly found meditation after experiencing a health crisis. She now offers 1 on 1 holistic coaching, breathwork, meditation and mindfulness sessions. Continue reading to find out more. Hi Holly! Tell us a little bit about yourself  Earlier in the year, I completed the Certificate […]

How do you design a meditation course?

One of the most exciting, creative, and rewarding parts of being a meditation teacher is designing your own meditation course. Although it can seem intimidating, designing your own course gives you the opportunity to put your passions, skills, knowledge, and experience into a unique and fun learning format and share it with others. You have […]

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