The role of meditation in pain relief, grief and dying

Earlier this month we introduced you to our new elective, Supporting Anxiety and Trauma with Meditation, which features within the Mental Health & Wellbeing Specialist Stream.  This week we highlight an existing, powerful elective that is also part of this Specialist Stream within the Advanced Certificate. It is called Meditation to support pain, grief and dying and authored by our very own ACMM coach Felicity Carson. She shares her amazing experience within this specialist area of meditation and mindfulness, which assists people with pain relief, the stages of grief and the dying process.


I meditate with women diagnosed with breast cancer

Hi, my name is Felicity.

I’ve been a registered nurse for 35 years, specializing in Breast care Nursing. I am a Reiki Master, Crystal Practitioner and Meditation Teacher. And, I have co-facilitated 2 support groups for women living with a cancer diagnosis.

Over the past 35 years, I have cared for many patients living with chronic pain. I have sat with patients (and their relatives) facing a cancer diagnosis, and I have held space for people while they go through their own process of dying. It is confronting; yet a deep privilege. Dying is something we will all do one day, there is no avoiding it. So why here in the 20th century don’t we talk about death that much?

Once I became a meditation teacher, I was asked by the women from our support groups to run a weekly meditation class. It has been one of the most inspiring, heartbreaking and healing experiences of my life. To see the difference meditation and mindfulness practices makes in these women’s lives has been incredible. They have learnt techniques to truly ground themselves into the powerful, present moment. Meditation and mindfulness have supported these women through many agonising scenarios. Whether it be enduring multiple tests, waiting for surgery or waiting for results. They have learnt techniques that allow space for their feelings and emotions. They have learnt techniques to bring them up from the lowest of the so they can simply be able to get out of bed in the morning.

Creating a safe space for clients living with pain, grief and potential death

Bringing a regular meditation practice into the lives of women facing a breast cancer diagnosis has been a very powerful and rewarding experience. It has offered them comfort and clarity while they face one of the most confronting experiences.

It made me realise even more that meditation can support us in the most challenging situations.

In authoring this elective, Meditation to support pain, grief and dying, I have been fortunate to share my own life experiences of pain, grief and dying – as a daughter facing my own mother’s death, as a meditation teacher for women with cancer, as a nurse looking after patients and as a Reiki Master. This elective also gathers the work of Frank Ostaseski, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Jon Kabat-Zinn and Ian Gawler to explore death, grief and pain and how pain may be supported with meditation and mindfulness techniques.

Together, we explore the different ways to create a safe and comfortable space and guide meditation for your clients living with pain, grief and the inevitability of death. During this elective, you will be fully supported in creating your own unique meditation style so that you can confidently nurture your clients.

Check out this video for more information


A healing journey

Like all of our electives, this is a deep and insightful elective. It will take you on a journey to explore anything triggered by these topics. After all, it is by navigating these triggers that we are better placed to help others.

The goal of this elective is for you to be able to hold a non-judgemental space for your clients who may be facing pain, grief or death. You may decide to hold specific classes for those needing this support, or you may simplywant to be able to hold space and be present with those experiencing these travails.

The feedback I have received lets me see that this elective is not simply for your clients or your business. It is also for you. For you as a meditation teacher, for you as a human being.

With Love,



If you would like to find out more about our courses and electives, please visit our Courses page. If you are considering pursuing a career in meditation & mindfulness teaching, check out our article The Definitive Guide To Becoming a Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher.

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