What are women’s circles and how can they help?

This month we launch another new elective – Women’s Circles. This wonderful addition to our already comprehensive elective choices can be studied within our Certificate courses. It also forms part of the Community and Support Groups, and, Women’s Meditation Specialist Streams. Read on to find out more…


Women’s circles are a part of our lineage

Many of us in the Western world are only starting to hear about women’s circles. However, the act of women gathering is actually a very ancient practice.

From the beginning of humanity, women have been coming together. Whether it was to gather food, engage in ritual or care for children. These times of gathering were an opportunity to share stories, pass down wisdom and skills. We have been engaging in purposeful gathering for a long time. It is in our DNA!

Life in the 21st century is full of many opportunities and challenges for many western women. We live in a world that advocates to “have it all”, or the expectation to “do it all”. Sadly, this comes with the price of living an extremely busy lifestyle. This leaves much less time to create meaningful and deep relationships with women around us.

In a time when many of us are working online and some live away from family, it is easy to feel isolated and lack a sense of  community and connection. Many of us don’t know our neighbours, we aren’t part of clubs, and our busy lifestyles mean we see those we love less and less.

Thankfully, women’s circles provide a meaningful way for women to come together, connect, heal and feel a sense of belonging!

womens circle

How women’s circles can help

Under the right guidance by a facilitator, a women’s circle can be a place where women support, embrace and inspire each other through the ups and downs of life. This sacred container allows women to find their voice. It allows them to speak their truth and be themselves without apologising for taking centre stage. Through these honest and open-reflections, women have the opportunity to dissolve shame or guilt and let go of the burdens they may be carrying.

Being seen and truly heard is something that is precious in the world these days. To receive this gift from other women is so very beautiful and healing!

At other times, hearing another woman’s story is the reminder we may need that we are not alone in the struggles we face. Often I hear women exclaiming with relief after another woman shares her challenges, “I thought it was just me!” How wonderful to have your experience and feelings normalised.

Sometimes it is hearing the dreams and achievements of other women that give us the boost and inspiration we need to take that next big step, to slow down, to seek support or to shift perspectives. So much wisdom is imparted from woman to woman, simply through her sharing her story.

Now as someone who facilitates women’s circles, I understand the important role the facilitator has in creating a space where women feel a sense of safety and support to be able to share without fear of judgement, criticism and comparison. This is why we have created the Women’s Circle Elective at The Australian Centre for Meditation and Mindfulness.


Women’s Circles – Our new elective

In this elective, you will be supported in creating and holding your own unique women’s meditation circle. You will learn;

  • about the ancient art of women’s gatherings
  • the benefits and the potential challenges of holding a women’s circle and how to address these
  • why creating a strong container for your women’s circles is so important and how to do this
  • about leading with your empowered feminine and masculine
  • making your circles inclusive
  • how to create your own unique women’s circle and have a flexible framework ready to implement!

Coming together as women can be one of the most powerful and transformative acts we can do! It can be a beautiful opportunity to listen, share, co-create and empower one another to live with greater meaning and joy.

Do you have a desire to create an empowering, sacred and healing space for women? Consider taking the Women’s Circle elective when you undertake either of our certificate courses in guiding and teaching meditation and mindfulness.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a meditation teacher, you might want to check out our post The Definitive Guide to Becoming a Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher

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