Meditation for Parents and Children Sample

Examples of what you will see in your Children’s program


Breathing with Teddy

Personal Development goals: Learning to relax, soothing anxiety, calming down and letting go of worry, soothing emotions.

Wriggle around and get comfortable… you can sit or lay down… get your teddy comfortable too, he/she can sit or lay with you.

You can start to relax now, maybe stretch your feet and legs and then let them go still and floppy.

Wriggle your hips and bottom and then let them go still and floppy. Wobble your tummy, chest and back and then let them go still and floppy. Flap and stretch your arms and hands and then let them go still and floppy.

Roll your shoulders and then your neck and then let them go still and floppy. (Full meditation provided within the Program)


Slow down body mindfulness

Personal Development goals: Relaxation, releasing difficult emotions and anxiety, dealing with sadness or grief, encouraging body awareness and healthy feelings towards the body.

Parent to do all actions / body relax also.

Wriggle around and get comfortable… you can sit or lay down… and let’s start by noticing how you feel today, just quietly in your mind you might ask “how do I feel? ” and see what the answer is… it might be that you feel wonderful, happy, excited, tired, sad, grumpy… it’s all ok… you can just rest now… you might ask how your body feels… maybe sleepy, tired, wriggly, tickly… it’s all ok…

Remember your breathing, you can take a big breath into your tummy and make your tummy big like a balloon and then blow out the breath with a huff (parent do this too)

Breathing in and breathing out…huff

You can imagine that when you breathe in, you can breathe in something wonderful, like happiness, love, calm… and when you breath out, you can breathe out the yukky stuff, feeling grumpy, sad, scared…

Breathe in the good stuff, breathe out the yukky…

Aaah you might start to feel soft and floppy now… relaxing… you can close your eyes if you want to, or leave them half open…

Remember your toes, wriggle your toes… wriggle wriggle and let them go still.

Your fabulous feet, ooh you might stretch them forwards, backwards and let them go still. (Full meditation provided within the Program)

Examples of what you will see in your Parent’s program

Meditation to relax your body:

So let’s look at some possibilities for visualizations that relax the body.

  1. White light – Bring a healing white light wave through the body. Feel the soothing effect that this light has on each body part it touches.
  2. Gentle, cooling flame. Some love the violet flame, but it can be any colour. The beauty of the flame is in its cleansing and rejuvenating properties. This flame is loving, cool, gentle and dances and through each part of the body; caressing and cleansing as it
  3. Then there’s the wonderful waterfall, cleansing pool, river or beach. Simply visualizing yourself slipping into the water triggers a cool sense of luxury and surrender. All alone, completely free to enjoy the healing, cleansing and invigorating properties of the water, you can nurture your body as a whole by indulging in the feeling of floating and gurgling around in fresh water. Add some river stone crystals to the picture, and you have the most energizing and enveloping
  4. Use soothing, reassuring words. Work through your body this time by sending a loving message to each part of your body. It might be “I love you” or “Thank you” or “You are beautiful” “Relax now, you are safe”…whatever feels

(Further guidance provided within the Program)