6 reasons to use social media as a meditation and mindfulness teacher

1 min read. In this article, we look at the reasons as to why you might want to consider using social media as a meditation and mindfulness teacher.


It’s incredible to think that social media has grown at a faster rate than what the actual internet did. Social media penetration in Australia is currently sitting at 71%. That is 18 million active social media users! With these kinds of facts and figures, there is no denying that as meditation teachers, we need to consider having a presence on social media.

We share six benefits to having a presence on social media for your meditation business.


#1 Helps you to create a trusted brand presence

Social media gives you the opportunity to clearly demonstrate your values and unique offerings to your potential clients and customers. It also lets you impart your story and experiences so people can get to know who it is behind your business.  Through this process, if people resonate with your content, they then begin to trust you and are more likely to seek your services.


#2 Shareability

Shares are the digital form of ‘word of mouth’ advertising, and are very powerful. In fact, 25% of Australian consumers share brand content they have noticed on social media. When someone shares a post or an event you have placed on social media, they are saying to all of their contacts that they value what it is you have to say. This helps you build your audience and also drives traffic to your website which improves your search rankings!


#3 Connect with your potential clients and customers

connect with your audience on social media

Many people now rely on social media to find what they are looking for. According to We Are Social, 44% of people use social media to discover information about brands. So, when you share your personable, authentic and heart centred posts you have the opportunity to connect with your ideal client, who you may not have ever had the chance to connect with before.


#4 Helps you understand your customer

Many social media platforms give you detailed information and statistics about your account. These include things like the demographics of who is engaging with your posts. These statistics also show you what content is getting the most traction, and even the times of day when the audience is most engaged.  In understanding how your audience is engaging with your brand,  you are then better able to serve your community by sharing things that are meaningful to them.


#5  Spread your positivity throughout the world

Social media removes geographical barriers. It provides an opportunity for greater reach when you to share your offerings with people all over the world! More than you ever could in person. This is very beneficial if you are offering your meditation classes and courses online.


#6 Instant Communication

Social media allows you to quickly communicate with your audience about anything that arises. This might be a cancelled class or perhaps even a flash 24 sale!. Even better, it allows you to converse with your audience. You are able to quickly answer any queries they might have about a service or product you are offering. Social media provides instant access to those who are following you so they are aware with what is happening with your business.


Stay tuned for our blog article next week. We will be offering some advice on how to balance the time spent on social media for your business


If you are interested in studying meditation and mindfulness teaching, please check out, The Definitive Guide to Becoming a Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher.




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