Facebook and Canva Masterclass For Meditation Teachers

Last week, The ACMM Business Lounge Members attended an exclusive value-packed Masterclass on the topic of  ‘Facebook and Canva Masterclass for Beginners’.  This masterclass was aimed at new Meditation and Mindfulness Teachers looking to start a Facebook Business Page, launch Facebook Events and interested in learning how to use Canva for creative design. Read on to discover all the highlights from this event.


ACMM Mentors, Sammy Wynn and Donna Lo Bartolo Shiel led from the heart to share practical steps and tips on how to demystify Canva and Facebook, and uplevel creative business designs to:

  • Create a business logo,
  • Facebook banner and
  • Event imagery in Canva
  • Set up a business Facebook Page
  • Launch a service/event on Facebook.

During this masterclass, Sammy and Donna covered a live step-by-step demonstration and provided information on Canva and Facebook for Meditation Teaching Businesses.

Some of the important topics covered:


  • Designing a business logo on Canva
  • How to use AI for your design
  • Incorporating your images into your designs
  • Finding the right template for your project and customising it
  • Printing Canva designs


  • Setting up a Facebook business page
  • Setting up a Facebook event or recurring event
  • Incorporating your Canva designs into your Facebook page or event
  • Creating a call to action for your Facebook event
  • How to safely share your event if working from home
  • Safety and privacy considerations

The workshop explored how to minimize clicks for making bookings through Facebook, as the fewer clicks clients have to make to book a service, the more likely they are to book.

Sammy and Donna distilled what can be daunting platforms into easy-to-use, bite-size steps and made the process fun and exciting. They also taught our members how to keep themselves and their information safe when using these platforms.

Watch a short event re-cap from our Mentors, Sammy & Donna:


Here’s what some of our Event attendees had to say:

“Thanks, a great informative class.” – Michelle

“This was amazingly helpful, thank you both so much.” – Katherine

“Thanks for demystifying this for me.” – Dan

“That was absolutely brilliant. You are both amazing. I have learnt a lot.” – Kaz

“Super impressive class, helps a lot.” – Andrew

Our Mentors even gifted everyone a detailed checklist ‘Step-by-Step Guide for Creating a Facebook Business Page, Launching an Event on Facebook and Using Canva for Creative Design’.

Our Business Lounge members left inspired by the simplicity and possibilities for their own businesses! Thank you to ACMM Coaches Sammy Wynn and Donna Lo Bartolo Shiel for facilitating this highly informative, supportive and inspiring session for the ACMM Business Lounge community.

All ACMM students and graduates have access to our ACMM Business Lounge – an optional, low-cost subscription that gives them access to resources, guidance, professional development, networking, work opportunities, live training events and so much more as they transition from being a student to teacher and a business owner. Members can also access video recordings of past Events and Masterclasses at any time in our Business Lounge Media Library

With best wishes,

– Lisa Forde, Principal at ACMM and Tim James, ACMM Business Lounge Facilitator 


At ACMM we offer Certificate, Advanced Certificate, Diploma, Community Work Placement and Masters Study Options in Meditation and Mindfulness Teaching and Guiding, with 1:1 mentoring and optional Business Development Support alongside and after your training.

Book a Zoom discovery call with us today to learn more and find out if our courses are the right fit for you – https://acmm.as.me/discoverycall


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