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Highlighting Our Graduates – Mithun Prasannan

We’d love you to meet Mithun Prasannan. ACMM graduate and meditation teacher based in Wellington, New Zealand. Meditation has always been Mithun’s passion. And now he is turning this passion into a career that is wholly centred on helping others find the stillness, peace and expansion that a meditation practice brings. Read on to learn more about his journey. 


It’s so nice to have you here Mithun. Tell us a little bit about yourself..

I am someone who likes to just chill, explore the inner and outer world, love life and love people. Never really had any elaborate dreams of what I wanted to become. I love listening to wise words from wise teachers, reading books that are spiritually oriented but nothing too heavy, I also love poetry and sometimes I pretend that I am a poet and write poetry.

I am passionate about helping people find stillness. I like to be a witness to their unfolding as I guide them through a practice and they come out feeling like their selves again.

I live here in Wellington, New Zealand with my beautiful wife and cute little toddler.


What attracted you to become a meditation teacher and study with ACMM?

I had spent some time thinking about what lights me up. I realised that I love spending time with people and connecting with them on a deeper level. Whenever I have had a heart to heart with people I came out feeling rejuvenated and happy.

Running meditation meetup group was a great experience and that’s when I realised that I would love to teach meditation. That plus the realisation that I would love to share my meditation knowledge with people and if there is a path to enlightenment I want to take all my people with me and walk this path together. “I am because we are”.


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How has meditation impacted you on a personal level – what are the benefits you have seen?

The practice of meditation is soft and gentle but it can also be hard and disconcerting. It opens up doors to a greater understanding and that can be disconcerting so you need courage to face that unfolding. It has helped me be open and aware of so many life lessons which I would have otherwise missed. I am aware of how my body feels when I am about to get sick and I can take necessary steps to prevent them.

Meditation as a practice has given me immense courage to let go of what’s not serving me and to always listen to my heart. It’s indeed a blessing.


What does your personal meditation practice look like? What styles or types of meditation do you enjoy?

I get up everyday at 5am even on public holidays and weekends to meditate. It just happens so naturally now I don’t have to force myself to do the practice because every cell in my body knows the importance of meditation and supports me in my endeavour.

I love the simple practices like observing the breath or observing sounds they can be so powerful. As I evolve my practices also evolve with me these days I start my practice with a walking meditation and then a sitting practice.


Do you have your own meditation business, or plans to start one?

In the past I have run private meditation classes, taught at a Yoga studio and run Meditation meetup groups.

From July I will be guiding meditation sessions at a Mental Health gym called ‘The Well’ based in Wellington. It’s the very first mental health gym in New Zealand so I am so excited to be a part of it.


Can you describe your client base?

I am working with lots of people from various backgrounds and the people who come to my sessions have been so open and kind. I always get a lot of insights and have wonderful conversations with them.

I am looking to have more one on one sessions and my desire is to help nurture people. Show them how to be ok to be the way they are and from that space create something wholesome, something beautiful that will serve not only themselves but also people around them. From my own journey I want to inspire them to take risks and to feel the unpleasant feelings arising and how to sit with it and how to embrace it. I want to take them on a journey and help them trust their intuition.

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We’d love to keep up with any events you have. How can people follow you?

If you are on Instagram I will be uploading some videos there and I will also be posting upcoming events info on Instagram and you can also get in touch with me on my email


What would you say to someone who is thinking about becoming a meditation teacher?

If you are thinking of becoming a meditation teacher then you should definitely take some actions towards it. You can set up a meetup group and facilitate a few sessions and see how it feels. I started off by setting up a group and then running sessions at my house. Facilitating the group made me realise that I absolutely love this space that I am creating and would love to do this as a career. The world needs more people like you to hold space and create a peaceful and harmonious space.

Besides, it also strengthens your own meditation practice and you get to dive even deeper.

I wish you all the best.


What have you enjoyed about studying with ACMM?

Studying here and working online with the coaches over here has been an absolute pleasure. I liked that the course came at the right time and how I was able to grow not only as a meditation teacher but also as a person. Sometimes I can’t believe that I have been lucky enough to do this course and spend time transforming my life plus become a meditation teacher. I loved all the interactions I’ve had here it comes from a place of love and nurturing.


It brings us great joy to highlight the amazing paths of our graduates. They are so inspiring, and really illustrate the huge amount of doors a qualification in meditation teaching opens. Here are some other graduates we have spoken to recently: Meet Donna, Meet Jacqui; Meet Jen


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