6 Key Strategies to Find Work as a Meditation Teacher

Wondering if there’s enough work as a Meditation Teacher?

We discuss six key strategies to help you find plenty of work as a Meditation Teacher.

1.Offer your Meditation services via your own business 

Most Meditation Teachers find their work through self-employment through their own business or sub-contracting their services out to other bodies.  Through your business you might hold weekly classes, term courses, workshops (for adults or kids) and retreats. You can do this by subcontracting to your local yoga studio, fellow alternative health business-owners or community health centres. You may even like to collaborate with local yoga teachers or other practitioners such as counselling, wellbeing and natural therapy centres with retreats, workshops, classes, ongoing groups and other events. The best way to create these opportunities is to go and chat with yoga studio, gym and wellbeing centre owners. If you are already involved with a centre then this is ideal. If not, consider creating a small information pack to take to them and then follow up with a phone call or another visit.

As you speak to business owners make sure that you ask plenty of questions. Engaging interest is not just about spruiking your offerings, it’s about listening to the needs of the business owner and addressing those directly. This will give you a greater chance of success.

If your business is brand new, it may be best for you to gradually reduce your regular-waged job as your business grows, rather than immediately quitting and leaving you with little to no cash flow. This takes the pressure off your new business making money to begin with and allows you to grow your business with love and passion, rather than fear and lack.

2. Add Meditation to your existing role or company

If you are already in a role or career where meditation will complement your work; such as a teacher, psychologist, counsellor, or other therapist then rest assured that meditation will enhance your offerings greatly. You will be able to offer group meditation work alongside your one on one sessions, which will add variety and interest to your job, and an additional service for your business. You may also be able to receive referrals from other practitioners or colleagues in your clinic or network.

Being creative and resourceful is key to finding work as a meditation teacher. If you are not already a therapist, these clinics may also be candidates for your offerings. Psychology clinics, natural therapy, health food centres or massage centres may also be interested in running groups or classes.

3.Use the fast-growing interest in Meditation and Mindfulness to your advantage

In the last decade, the surge of scientific research into Meditation and Mindfulness and the effects it has on the body and mind has caused a huge shift in interest in this age-old practice. Depression is currently the leading cause of disability worldwide (Beyond Blue), the World Health Organisation (WHO) has predicted that mental health issues are likely to form the biggest burden on healthcare resources by 2030 and anxiety is also on the rise amongst people of all ages. Your service as a Meditation Teacher can make a strong impact on the lives of people and there has been no better time than now to serve that interest and need within your community.

Research current statistics and trends in Meditation and Mindfulness and educate your audiences. Businesses and individuals alike tend to look towards authoritative research before committing to something new.

4. Get creative with how and where you teach Meditation 

The range of Meditation Teaching work opportunities within your business are endless. You can take your skills to corporate workplaces, schools, community centres, kindergartens and health centres including Yoga Studios, Day Spas and Retreats. Consider holding Meditation classes, workshops and retreats, offering a theme that you are passionate about. Maybe even  offer Meditation online via audios sold through your website, already-existing apps, via online Meditation programs and courses and videos on Youtube, Facebook or other social media platforms.

The various work opportunities as a Meditation Teacher is limited to your own opinions and beliefs. The sky is the limit in terms of finding work as a meditation teacher. We are so lucky to have so much user-friendly technology at our fingertips. With your passion and commitment to your endeavour you can create an abundance of work as a Meditation Teacher through a full range of pathways. Keep an open mind and enjoy the journey!


5.Make the most of the ongoing support at ACMM

Once you graduate at ACHS, you receive a Graduation and Marketing Pack. This in-depth 57-page document supports you to plan the key elements to developing your Meditation services within your business.  In addition, you can stay a part of our ACMM Students and Graduates community. You will receive the support and friendship you need to troubleshoot, be inspired, learn new ideas and ultimately grow as a successful Meditation Teacher via continued access to our community forum. Our coaches are all working in the field and can give you expert advice gleaned from real experience about how to make your business work. Personal mentoring sessions are also available at an extra cost.

6. Share your passion for Meditation

Sharing your story about how meditation has changed your life allows people to see your authenticity. It also helps others to create that possibility for themselves. Your success as a Meditation Teacher will be greatly enhanced by your passion about meditation. Sharing this passion with your clients is a gift. Individuals are more likely to believe in a product if others around them believe in it too. Consider how you have benefited from your Meditation practice and share with your students how they can benefit too. Positive energy is infectious! If you have a real love for Meditation, express this openly and authentically with your students. They will see the real advantages you experience and want to experience it too.

Talk to your family and friends about what you are studying and how meditation has helped you.  As people see what a difference meditation makes in your life, and see how passionate you are about what you do, they will have no hesitation in recommending your services to others. We often see students attracting new opportunities before they have even completed their studies due to people around them finding out about what they do.

You CAN do this!

If you are not currently studying and you are interested in becoming a Meditation Teacher , the Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation will open up many employment pathways for you.

Do you have further questions about our Certificate? Give us a call.

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Written by Bronte Spicer and Lisa Forde


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