5 Tips from Mindful Schools Educator Janet Etty-Leal

Are you interested in working with children or in schools?

In our recent Business Lounge Live session for graduates of our Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Certification, we were joined by Author, Speaker and Mindfulness Educator, Janet Etty-Leal,  who covered all things mindfulness, schools and children!

Janet was so generous, offering insights into her 3 key principles for teaching mindfulness to children, how to open the school door and keep it open, working online, and incredibly several specific ways to create a winning pitch. The session was full of creativity, energy and passion with Janet taking us through numerous mindfulness activities for children and sharing stories of her adventures. It was a wonderful insight into working with children and how you can prepare yourself and create an engaging and impactful offering.

Here are five (of many!) tips that were shared in the session:

  1. Keep your radar out…find your allies! Networking is a key to opening the door to schools. Network with friends, family, groups, school staff etc
  2. Before contacting prospective clients, research their website, their background, values, plans, opportunities etc so you can align your offering to their needs.
  3. Research the news, papers, online for what’s happening with your prospective clients and in the sector.
  4. Lean into the following three principles to teaching mindfulness to children:
    • Connect with the WHY – why would they want to do mindfulness?
    • Create a shared space – listen, ask questions, come with an attitude of co-creation
    • Guide their discoveries!
  5. Access your own strengths and use these to create a unique offering.

Highlights Reel

We thought you might enjoy seeing some special moments from the live session:

Access the whole video and more of our Business Live events:

When you have completed session 6 of your Meditation Teacher Training with ACMM you will have the option of access to the ACMM Business Lounge, a low-cost subscription service designed to support students transition into teachers and help them create and grow their meditation offerings. We offer resources, guidance, professional development, networking, work opportunities, live training events and so much more!

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With love x Lisa

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