Marketing Tips From 4 Meditation Teachers Who Are Doing What They Love!

Want to learn from Meditation Teachers who are creating successful teaching practices right now?

In our recent Business Lounge Live session for graduates of our Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Certification, we spoke to four ACMM Graduates who are kicking goals, each in their own way. Each panelist shared generously and very humbly from their own experience about what has worked for them, and what the challenges have been.

Panelists were:

  • Amanda Goodfellow facilitates corporate meditation programs, classes and retreats and is an active LinkedIn and Facebook marketer. She is a leader in the online marketing space with creative and consistent written and video content.
  • Frida Soerensen is a mindfulness coach for female entrepreneurs and business owners. Frida offers coaching programs, a wellness centre, is a qualified yoga and meditation teacher and has seemingly endless energy AND marketing ideas.
  • John Deterring has provided lunch time meditation to his work colleagues for the last 3 years and is a teacher on Insight Timer. He regularly runs Insight Timer LIVE sessions.
  • Kerryn Slater combines meditation, coaching, hypnosis, reiki, theta healing and psychic medium work into one to one, group and retreat offerings to support women achieve genuine transformation. She’s shared the stage with the likes of Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Love fame and is a genuine and heart-centred space holder.

A few tips that were shared in the session:

  1. The value of creating space for self-care prior to delivering your business offerings such as workshops and retreats, and how this helps with clear thinking and first-time nerves. Kerryn shared that in the month prior to facilitating sessions as part of a Retreat in Fiji, she meditated 3 times a day. This helped her be in a space of equanimity and hold space for the large group of participants in an event that ran over many days.
  2. Amanda shared how important your existing network is: from your old employers, family and friends, and how they can support you, not only get started in business but also through referrals and testimonials that assist you for years to come.
  3. Frida shared that she found huge benefit in creating a signature product that can be scaled up. It happened slowly and organically, and also involved Frida looking at what her clients’ specific needs were over time, honing in on the key needs that had a big impact for her clients and creating a product to meet those needs.
  4. John shared how Insight Timer has innovative ways to get your service offerings in front of large numbers of people. Happily, he also mentioned that ACMM meditation approach and teaching model is very well received by listeners around the world, and he has been receiving high ratings, (as high as Tara Brach) for some of his meditations.

This live event was very rich in valuable insights, advice and tips from people in the field, and we thank all our panellists for their wonderful contributions.

Highlights Reel

We thought you might enjoy seeing some special moments from the live session:

The ACMM Business Lounge

When you have completed session 6 of your Meditation Teacher Training with ACMM you will have the option of access to the ACMM Business Lounge, a low-cost subscription service designed to support students transition into teachers and help them create and grow their meditation offerings. We offer resources, guidance, professional development, networking, work opportunities, live training events and so much more!

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