Ways that meditation can enhance your Reiki offerings

Reiki and meditation are both powerful healing modalities that can have a profound effect on mind, body, and spirit. When practiced together, they can be an even stronger force for positive change. Reiki is a natural healing energy that helps to reduce stress, while meditation helps to still the mind and open up to inner wisdom. Combining these two practices can help to restore balance, empower the spirit, and promote self-healing. Reiki can help clear away blockages in the body and meditation can cultivate greater acceptance of the present moment. Working with both of these modalities can create a powerful healing experience, allowing one to access their deepest healing potential.

This week ACMM Coach Jaine Alston, Reiki Master Teacher and Meditation Teacher shares some of the ways that meditation can enhance your Reiki offerings.

Tuning into oneself prior to the treatment

As a Reiki practitioner is is very important to feel grounded before undertaking a treatment on a client or friend. Grounding can be achieved through the practice of meditation and it really allows you to fully appreciate where you are coming from, disconnecting from the Ego self, taking out those ‘what if they don’t like it…?, don’t see, or experience anything’ questions that can engage when beginning to do treatments on others. It also can support you to focus on balancing the self-prior to going into this deep work.  Many practitioners find out that they are very empathic on this journey and it is possible to open to other’s energies and have a sense that they come from self, I can relate as I often feel other’s pain and emotions arising. Thankfully with the support of meditation and education from dear supportive teachers I was able to understand that this was not ‘mine’ but ‘others’ energy, which has supported me to continue in working in a more sustainable way.

Practitioner offering Reiki and meditation to their client

Integrating meditation into your Reiki treatments

Holding space when giving Reiki allows one to pick up on subtle sensations and energies that are flowing throughout the session.  It can be easy to drift when giving a treatment, and that’s ok too, however we may miss out on something, so flexing that muscle of meditation really does support this wonderful modality.

Meditation can be a powerful tool when used in conjunction with reiki. I have sometimes found guiding your client through their Reiki session with meditation can really empower the receiver and enable them to full participate in their own healing and health too.  During a typical reiki session, the practitioner will channel energy through their hands to the recipient and use breathing techniques to help relax and open the body. By taking it one step further and adding in meditation, the session can become even more powerful. Meditation can help to further open up the body and help the recipient access greater peace and relaxation. The practitioner may guide the recipient through a series of visualizations, connecting to the chakras or allow for silent stillness, depending on the individual’s needs. Additionally, the practitioner can use mantras or chants that are healing in nature to provide a calming and supportive environment. Integrating meditation into a reiki session can help to create a deeper experience, allowing the recipient and practitioner to tap into the power of the universal energy.

Grounding your client after their treatment

Using sound meditation to ground their client

After a reiki session, it is important to ground the client in order to help them transition back into their daily life. Reiki is a powerful energy that can open up the body and mind, leaving the recipient feeling both invigorated and slightly overwhelmed. It can also be quite common for your client to feel really relaxed and feel somewhat out of body.  Using a meditation to support the client to feel grounded at the end is important. A grounding meditation can help to bring your client back to the physical plane and reconnect with the present moment. ACMM’s meditation teachings really allow my clients to achieve this and connected to themselves before leaving the session.  As a practitioner, I like to also use sound to bring them out of the session, aromas, then come back to the other senses and breath to give my clients time to return their own awareness to place and time, it can be a deep journey and should always be gently returned.

Grounding is an important step that should not be overlooked, allowing the client to integrate the reiki energy in a safe and beneficial way.

Using meditation to create ritual and ceremony

Meditation is a powerful practice that can help individuals to find peace and balance within themselves. By taking time out to meditate, you can come back to the present moment and connect with yourself at a deeper level.

When practicing Reiki, it is a great idea to build your own ceremony, this can often be something that your Reiki Master teacher may have brought into your teaching. It might can support you to create a safe space, protect your space and energies whilst you are working.  Taking time to do a meditation prior to, and after treatments can be very supportive and really deepen your own connection with self and this wonderful healing modality.  During a meditation session, you can focus on slowing down the breath and bringing awareness to the physical body. Paying attention to sensations that arise in the body can help to ground the mind and bring a sense of stability and inner stillness. I like to infuse my meditation practice with Grandfather Sage, Frankincense and candles when I am working.  I also love sound, it lends itself to the meditation and to the Reiki treatment. Taking the time to meditate can help to restore the body and mind, leaving one feeling more centered and balanced.

Author – ACMM Coach, Jaine Alston

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