How meditation can balance your energy when supporting others

Meditation is like your own, private, inner sanctuary that you can go to whenever you need. It is a tool that is always there at your command. In this way, meditation can be an excellent support at times when your energy is expelled to others, possibly leaving you feeling a little deflated, low energy or fatigued.

Perhaps you work in a profession that requires the giving of your energy to assist others in one way or another, whether that is serving customers, offering advice, caring, coaching, healing, teaching, training or even just listening to a friend who is in need of an ear. However you support others is always an outlay of your energy. In this week’s blog ACMM coach Brea shares her suggestions on how you can use meditation to replenish your energy and avoid burn out.

It can be easy to forget about tending to our own needs

Giving and giving and giving can eventually take its toll if you are not giving back to yourself.

This is where stress can creep in, showing up in an overactive mind, unhealthy behaviours and physical irritability.

Sometimes, the out-pouring of your energy can leave you feeling tired. Other times agitated or frustrated, and sometimes down or empathic toward another’s situation.

All of these responses can have a negative impact on your own well-being, leaving you feeling unbalanced and ungrounded.

After interacting with other humans and particularly when engaged in supporting others, in any capacity, it is important to implement your own self-care so that you are not carrying around the energy of others which can impact on your mood and energy levels.

This will ‘lighten the load’ so to speak, that you may have unknowingly accumulated from these interactions.

Even meditation teachers can benefit from bringing balance to oneself after guiding and teaching others.

As rewarding and uplifting as it is, guiding and teaching can also have an energetic effect on your body after taking someone through an internal journey of exploration and then being a sounding board and support for each person’s individual experience and perhaps even challenges. Listening, reflecting, and offering appropriate guidance.

Looking after yourself and your own energy will allow you to feel at your optimal best, have a clearer mind and be better able to continue to support others on their journey.

As they say, fill your own cup and give from the overflow.

So, how can you support yourself?

Meditation can help!

Meditation comes in many forms. There are different meditation styles and techniques that can support you to come back into your centre and feel grounded and whole again.

Using sound is a great way to restore your energy

  1. Movement meditation is an excellent way to let go of unwanted and even stagnant energy. Be that feelings, emotions, thoughts or anything else that doesn’t feel good. Putting on some music such as drumming, instrumental or tribal beats and moving your body in any way that feels right, can have incredible after-effects of relief, lightness, happiness and joy. Other movement styles include walking (particularly outside in nature), swaying or stretching.
  2. Sound Meditation. Sound has powerful effects on the body. The vibrations of sound help to bring balance to the state of body by shifting anything that is out of alignment. Using sound or singing bowls, bells, drums or your own voice are great tools for sound balancing.
  3. A simple breath meditation can be a great support in coming back into presence with your own body and rhythm. Focusing on the awareness of your breath and feeling your breath breathe your body.
  4. Grounding or Earthing. If you have access to grass and it’s safe to do so, barefooted on the earth’s surface has scientific backed evidence to support the amazing benefits this can have on balancing your energy. Standing, sitting, lying or slowly walking on the earth for a period of at least 15 mins can provide a calming and restorative effect on the body. If you can’t get your feet on the earth, placing your feet on the floor and visualising the earths energy drawing up through your feet bringing the restorative energy into your body.
  5. Visualising or sensing a cleansing waterfall or white light flowing down over your whole body, washing away any collected energy from others. Physically doing this while in the shower or bath can be a beautifully cleansing experience also.

What brings you joy?

Taking time to nourish yourself is vital

What do you love doing by yourself that lights you up? What makes you feel good when you’ve done it? What is joyful for you?

  • Maybe it’s dancing like no-one is watching
  • Singing out loud to your favourite song
  • Going for a swim in the ocean
  • Walking on the beach
  • Hiking amongst the trees
  • Going for a bike ride
  • Creating something
  • Taking a nap
  • Spending time with loved ones who fill you up
  • Reading something inspirational
  • Receiving a massage

Whatever it is for you, do that. Bring a mindful approach to something that you enjoy doing that makes you feel good. Delve into a joyful, soulful experience with awareness to each moment of it. Be present with your joyful experience, moment by moment and notice a positive shift in your energy by doing so.

Allowing yourself some ‘me’ time, nurturing your well-being with mindful awareness and mediative practices can help to bring back the balance to your being after sharing your time and energy with others.

Remember, you too are worthy of the love and support you offer to others.

Enjoy the beautiful flow of giving and receiving in equal harmony.

Author – ACMM Coach, Brea Willingham

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