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The Most Powerful Way to do a Positive Affirmation Meditation

Positive affirmation meditation is powerful, particularly if done correctly. In the many years I’ve spent meditating and teaching meditation there is one simple technique that I have found to be the most effective and life changing – and I’d love to share this with you!

I don’t know about you but If I write affirmations down, I just forget to look at them.

I need a way to use them that really helps me take them in- and using positive affirmations in my meditation time does this for me.

Many people don’t know how to use affirmations in their meditation time effectively, so here’s the answer for you. This is the most effective way I have found to use affirmations and meditation together in a personal meditation (not a guided meditation).

This technique allows you to get into a relaxed state and enjoy absorbing the positive messages in your affirmations whilst empowering yourself.  Using your own voice as the bearer of the affirmations creates a powerful inner relationship between your own wise voice and your emotional vulnerable self.

There is a little preparation involved – but it doesn’t take long.


Steps to create a positive affirmation meditation:

  1. Write down your affirmations in a list. (If you have more than one)
  2. Make sure that you word them in the second person. Usually affirmations are worded in the first person, but these are worded this way so that it makes sense to hear them being said TO you (by you). Trust me it will all make sense in a minute. For example…you are worthy, you have what it takes to succeed etc.
  3. Make a recording of your affirmations that lasts about 5-10 minutes. In your recording you will say each affirmation and leave about a 5-10 second gap before you repeat it or go onto the next one. Once you get to the end of your list, start back at the top again. You can record this on your phone if you like, that way it’s easy to access. Pay special attention to your tone of voice in this recording. Make it as kind, loving and supportive as you can (even if it feels a bit weird at first). The more authentic and loving your voice sounds, the more effective the imprinting of the affirmations will be.
  4. Now you are ready to begin your meditation.


Removing the blocks when creating your positive affirmations:

If you have trouble coming up with affirmations, try some encouraging or comforting statements that you might really need to hear right now such as,  “You are doing a great job”,  “You are safe”,  “You are a wonderful (parent, teacher, partner etc)”, “You deserve to have what you want”,  “You deserve to be cared for”.


How to do your personal positive affirmation meditation:

This is a kind of Inquiry Meditation.

  • a) Get into a comfortable position
  • b) Take some deep breaths to center yourself
  • c) Consciously relax your body using your favourite technique
  • d) Listen to your affirmation recording whilst in a semi-meditative state. If you slip into meditation that’s fine.
  • e) When the recording ends, then allow yourself to go deeper and be in silent meditation for as long as you like.
  • f ) When you feel finished, take some deep breaths and stretch to ground yourself. You might like to write any insights into your journal.


I would love to hear how you go with this. Perhaps you could share some of your affirmations so that others can try them too!

Most of all, enjoy this time for you.

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x Lisa


  • Kerry Black

    Thank you for your email,
    My affirmation is simple. Care for yourself before you can care for others. Give from the heart and feel good about what you do. Breath and be happy you can, there are always others that can’t see the sky as blue as you can or feel the ground beneath their feet as you. Breath and be , just be , here now , be you , and be happy. Smile and breath. this is your time to shine in your own glow, now and here. You are you and that is good. That is all you need, nothing more nothing less. Breath.
    Thank you Kerry

  • Leanne

    I have never tried this but it sounds like a great technique. Im grateful that you shared this with us Lisa.
    And thanks for sharing yours Kerry. That is beautiful!

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