Overcoming Challenges to Share Meditation and Mindfulness in Your Community

Starting a meditation and mindfulness business can be challenging. You need to be knowledgeable and prepared to share your expertise with the local community. There are many difficulties you may encounter, but with the right resources and strategies, you can make it a success. ACMM’s post graduate Community Work Placement (CWP) program seeks to build our graduates’ confidence, enhance their delivery materials and support them to gain valuable, fully supported work experience in the not-for-profit sector. The CWP Program provides a vital link between graduates and industry: building confidence, supporting meditation businesses to grow and delivering the wonderful benefits of meditation into the community on a broad scale.

Image from Eventbrite of Michelle’s 6 Week Mindfulness Series

We currently have a number of organisations partnering with ACMM to provide this program including Baptcare and Carers Victoria; and the students are loving the experience.

Last week we were thrilled to place ACMM graduate Michelle with Carers Victoria. Michelle will be offering a free 6 week online mindfulness course to all carers who wish to attend starting in the month of March.

ACMM graduate Michelle says, “My name is Michelle and I am a qualified mindfulness and meditation guide. My background is in nursing with 40 years working as a registered nurse across many fields. I have worked with those in community drug and alcohol rehabilitation and am now providing mindfulness/meditation in that setting.

Michelle Stammers, ACMM graduate

By working with Carers Victoria I am able to combine my experiences as a carer, and as a support worker for carers.

I look forward to sharing some sessions with you all soon in this new and exciting six-week program.”

We are also celebrating the commencement of  Jo’s placement at Baptcare.  Jo has facilitated several CWP sessions with a group at an Aged Care Facility and the feedback from the residents of The Orchards Aged Care has been heart warming – “the time seemed to vanish”, “I loved going to the beach”, “when is the next session and what is the theme”? “We are all looking forward to seeing her again and can’t wait to find out what the theme will be.”

Ja’net, Volunteer Co-ordinator (Baptcare) said “Seeing firsthand the response from the residents who attended the session, and seeing how Jo (the ACMM student) handled some awkward comments and tangential directions of the residents, I would love to see this partnership grow.”

The Community Work Placement Program is a wonderful collaboration between ACMM and community organizations to support them and their clientele; and is a natural evolution of ACMM, strongly aligned with our values of Care, Compassion, Uniqueness and Respect, as well as teaching practical skills that work.

Jo facilitating her CWP session with Baptcare residents

The CWP program is for:

  • Students who have completed ACMM’s Certificate level of our training
  • Graduates
  • Diploma and Masters students

The opportunity is for you to be placed in a local organisation to deliver a series of meditation and mindfulness sessions to residents, patients or clients of the organisation.

Placement opportunities are within heart-centred support service organisations such as Aged Care, Hospitals and Not for Profit.

Community Work Placements Package includes:

  • We give you a whole 6 session course to teach – which includes run sheets, script outlines, handouts and feedback surveys (all customisable)
  • The placement: 6 x 45 min Sessions in an organisation (unpaid)
  • Testimonial/Reference provided by organisation
  • Coaching support via zoom, email and regular reporting
  • A fully supported teaching experience

Click here to find out more about our CWP program or to book a Discovery Call with one of our course consultants.

The CWP program is a wonderful collaboration between ACMM and community organisations to support them and their clientele and is a natural evolution of ACMM, strongly aligned with our values of Care, Compassion, Uniqueness and Respect, as well as teaching practical skills that work.

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