The Happiness Secret

The secret to happiness is simple.

Make regular time to do what you love (and I don’t meant the work you do for the love of it).  If you have work that you love, then that’s wonderful – I do too.  But when you are running a business or working, no matter how fulfilling it is, you need more – especially if you are in a service or health oriented field.

Many of us who work in the alternative health industry believe that since we are lucky enough to be doing what we love, we don’t need other hobbies or activities.  Many people see work or meditation as their hobby. I’m afraid this won’t bring you the happiness you seek.  It will certainly help, and it will lay a wonderful foundation for the rest of your life, but in your work role you will be helping others and as wonderful as this is, there is more to life.

Think back to when you were a child..what did you love to do?  Was it drawing, painting, singing, playing music, playing in the garden, creating imaginary adventures, role playing, acting, play-doh?  These are the true seeds of happiness…the activities that seek nothing but the pure pleasure of creating.  Activities in which we can lose ourselves and think of nothing else but the pure enjoyment of being.  When we can forget ourselves and the needs of others and simply focus on a simple, creative task that consumes our minds and hearts.

So I encourage you to think about what it was that brought you joy as a child. Perhaps you went to dance classes, or loved flying kites,or woodwork perhaps you were never allowed to spend much time on your hobby?  Now is the time.  Get on your favourite search enging and start researching the possibilities.  There is SO MUCH available for us to enjoy!!

For those of you confused by the plethora of choices, don’t get caught up in the myth of the wrong choice – just make a choice and begin the journey. Trust that beginning the process will take you where you need to go.

Enjoying your favourite activity – even the simplicity of walking in nature – is a meditation in itself – and one guaranteed to feed you with energy, vitality and joy – and provide something to really look forward to that is a nurturing act of self love.

Notice how you feel after you partake in your favourite activity and the difference it makes to your mood, clarity and productivity. Note this down as it is an automatic guilt destroyer. The benefits you, your work and family receive from you spending some time doing what you love (in moderation of course) will be well worth it!


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