The Spirit of Meditation

In meditation we can potentially reach feelings of blissful joy, truth, purity and connection to Helebore Blossomssomething greater.  These feelings are at the core of us all and with gentle and consistent application we can reach them regularly in meditation.

So why is it important to connect to these feelings? The answer for me is that we live in a dysfunctional culture.  We have to defy the influence of this culture if we are to remain true to our deeper values and beliefs and therefore live with a sense of satisfaction and wholeness. The most powerful way to conquer this influence is to make your sense of self greater and more powerful than the cultural identity.

There are of course, lots of great things about our culture as well, but in order to filter what is for our highest good we need a strong and reliable barometer.  This barometer sits at the core of our being.  The more we connect to this source of truth, strength and inner confidence the more our inner magnet becomes powerful and charged to attract what is good for us and to help us make choices that resonate most highly with our truest principles.

As an example, here are some of my choices that resonate highly with my core values:

1. Eating organic fruit and vegetables. (I find ways to balance the family budget to make this possible and avoid buying packaged, chemically laden, food grown with pesticides and processed Eatingfoods where possible).

2. Choosing to avoid television and media with low integrity such as commercial news, crime and murder shows that glorify violence and make heroes out of highly disturbed people.  Instead, I choose to watch feel-good TV and documentaries on ABC and SBS (With the occasional soppy series thrown in!)

3. Choosing to raise my children my way despite sometimes going against the structures, systems and beliefs of conventional culture, school and other people.

4. Making my meditation and self-care time the most important part of my day.

5. Choosing to work in a creative and independent field of work that I love despite the obvious challenges of being self-employed.

Yours might be different, these choices are very individual and personal.

So how do you connect to your spiritual core in meditation and confidently begin to make choices that resonate with deep values that you strongly connect to?

Click here for a simple 20 minute guided meditation to help you connect to your spirit.

(My cat and dog like to sit close during my meditation, so if you hear any purring or movement – that’s them enjoying! they are both sound asleep now….)

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