Top 10 Holistic Business Tips

I have been self employed for 90% of my working life and the last 15 years I have worked in holistic wellness. As I know so many of you are setting up or nurturing holistic wellness businesses I thought you might be interested in some things that I have learned in growing my business to where it is now.  I have called these my Top 10 Holistic Business Tips.  I hope that they help you!

  1. Walk you talk. Whatever it is that you teach or share make sure that you are using it in your own life to the best of your ability. We always have more to learn, so keep learning and growing – attend workshops and do courses. Most of all apply what you have learned in your own life. Don’t just collect data. The best way to learn is experientially – by trying things out for yourself. If you read and regurgitate then a) you are not offering anything new and b) you don’t really know and believe that it works so you won’t be teaching or sharing with passion and from your heart. Work with integrity at all times and stay humble, real and open to what you need to learn. Find a mentor or a teacher to keep challenging you and moving you out of your comfort zone.
  2. Don’t put too much financial pressure on your business. Don’t quit your day job in a hurry or commit to leases initially. Stay financially supported whilst you are embarking on your new journey. That way you don’t bring too much fear into your new project, and you can really enjoy it – and then the abundance will be able to flow.
  3. Support yourself with nurturing, fun, laughter and joy. Don’t work so hard that you neglect yourself – this is counter productive and actually chases business away – because it leaves you feeling depleted and anything but abundant.
  4. I know you will be busy re-investing what you earn into your business so that it grows, but use some of the money you earn from your business to treat yourself – buy yourself a gift for example and enjoy what you have been able to buy yourself. This increases your sense of abundance and sense of achievement and also your self esteem.
  5. Charge what you are comfortable charging. If you try and charge more than you feel comfortable charging then you will bring fear and negativity into your business.  I know intuitively when my prices need to change in order to respect and reflect the energy that I have put into the work I am offering.
  6. Keep a healthy work/life balance so that you and your family don’t have any reason to resent your business.
  7. If you are working from home, create a space that is set aside for work and where you can keep your records and equipment. Make it look and feel nice and special. The moment your work activity starts to impose too heavily on your family take it out of the home. Always practise safe boundaries when working from home.
  8. Enjoy creative hobbies as these clear your mind and inspire creative ideas and thinking for your business. This is vitally important.
  9. Be prepared for your original vision and purpose to keep evolving, shifting and changing. Your business is dynamic and tends to take on a life of its own and that’s o.k. Learn what you can from each experience, especially the difficult ones. Also be patient and prepared to wait for success. Most give up thinking that they have failed, not understanding that failure is part of the journey and just a stepping stone to success.
  10. Set clear boundaries and be prepared to say no when necessary. Sometimes, and especially in boom times, you will need to control the pace so that your life doesn’t topple over from being out of balance. Delegate when you can and prioritize carefully. It can be easy when running your own business to feel you have to say yes to every opportunity, but if something is causing you a lot of stress it may be counterproductive. Analyse this carefully and be prepared to say no to things that don’t align with you. You are in charge.

Most of all be well and be happy so that you feel abundant!

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