We care for nature and for this reason we follow the following eco policy guidelines:

  • All our manuals, educational material, audios and videos are online. If students choose to print their manuals, we ask them to do so on recycled paper only. This keeps paper waste to an absolute minimum. We print no paper manuals at ACMM for the Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation or its electives.
  • All of our administration is done electronically.
  • All our audios and videos are in digital format.
  • ACMM team members work electronically from their own dedicated home office.  This minimizes commuting, carbon emissions and resource wastage. They are encouraged and supported in maintaining a healthy work/life balance with free counselling support, free attendance at ACMM training programs and flexible work hours that suit them and their family situation.
  • Part of our educational program involves deepening students’ mindful connection with nature.

Know that when you choose to study with us, you choose a responsible employer and nature friendly education provider.