21 Day Meditation and Mindfulness Program




The benefits of meditation  are clear. Meditation enhances the lives of those who practice and those who are under their influence. Daily meditation enhances life on all levels – improving your physical health through greater immunity, improving blood pressure and decreasing the effects of  stress on the body. Daily meditation also helps regulate and soothe our emotions and helps with concentration, focus and clarity.

This 21 day meditation and mindfulness program is an excellent introduction to meditation and a way to develop a daily meditation practice. It takes you through the basics of how to meditate, how to overcome obstacles, how to develop a daily meditation routine and gently introduces you to 3 fundamental meditation practices: grounding, relaxation and mindful self-compassion. If you are thinking about joining us for meditation teaching but would like a taster or are keen to develop your own skills first, then this quick and practical program is a great way to make a start.

The program includes extensive notes and optional Zoom coaching is available at an extra cost. When you are first learning to meditate, or begin to take meditation more seriously, it can be great to have the support of a structured program as well as the availability of a tutor in case you need it. The 21 Day Meditation and Mindfulness Program helps you learn the correct position and technique to help you make meditation  a permanent part of your life.

Please Note: You will be sent an email with the Download link once payment is finalized. Check your Spam folder if you have not received this in your Inbox.

Please read our training agreement.

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