Meditation and the Chakras



Meditation and the Chakras is one of our Certificate electives. It can be completed as a stand-alone program with credits towards your Certificate.

Chakras are an incredible tool for self-discovery, personal growth and meditation written about in ancient Yogic philosophy.  Each chakra is a world of its own that unlocks key aspects of our personality and unconscious world. This program takes an extensive journey into the chakras and allows you to become confident at understanding and using them as a tool for meditation, self-awareness and personal development. For each chakra you will explore the meaning and life issues covered, explore the ways that blockages in the chakra manifest in your daily life and your physical body, and how to overcome them by addressing the underlying emotional or mental issues.

You will learn a variety of meditation techniques to enable you to work with a particular chakra as well as affirmations and journaling questions. So much fun, so fascinating and a real journey! You submit your answers every fortnight (assuming you spend a week on each chakra- you can spend longer) and receive written feedback for each section, as well as a Skype coaching call at any time throughout the program.

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Student Responses to this elective:

“The meditation and the Chakras elective is such a great way to learn more about yourself and ways to nurture yourself in a positive way. The course delivery was fantastic, having your own personal coach throughout your journey really made the whole experience more special. I highly recommend this short course/elective.” – Amy

“A beautiful course offering you the opportunity to deepen your understanding of the chakras and their influence on the human system. Not only did it teach me skills on how to work with the chakras, but also how to recognise blockages in your physical and emotional body related to the chakras. The elective was a wonderful journey of self-discovery and self-awareness. Definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to deepen their awareness of self and/or build their resilience toolkit.” – Natasha

“The information is accessible and interesting with some great suggestions for implementing techniques to support yourself or to apply in meditations.” – Michelle

“The benefits you will receive after completing this course are amazing. You really learn so much about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. What chakras are highlighted and ones neglected or blocked. It is a real journey.” – Kate

“I found that the teachers are very knowledgeable, and they know what are we up to when comes to learning and I was so happy to see myself connecting with my teach in so many levels. It feels so happy and at the same time such a satisfaction, that someone is able to connect with me especially in our difficult and confused periods.” – Anuradha

The Chakra elective was a real journey of self-discovery and reflection. The workbook is very detailed and will make a great reference tool in the future.” – Leonie

“The Chakra elective had a huge impact on me and the way I practice. Not only with the knowledge I’ve gained but with the range of practices suggested for your own meditations. You must do this one!” – Jacqui

“I would recommend Mediation and the Chakras if you wish to deepen your self-awareness and in turn bring insights and reflection into your meditation practice. I learnt a lot about myself holistically which will assist me both personally and professionally.” – Angela

“The Chakra elective is an incredible personal development journey. You can work through each chakra as thoroughly as you like and it really helped me to process what was happening for me in my life. If your wanting to learn more about yourself it’s a fantastic elective to do.” – Nina

“The Chakra elective is incredibly powerful and insightful. As a stand alone subject or incorporating it into your meditation guidance, this, you are able to gain a wealth of knowledge that can change your outlook on many day to day issues.” – Ash

“Thank-you to all involved as to putting this course together one of the best l have done.” – Sharon

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