Meditation for Kids




If you understand the benefits of meditation and have children in your care, then this Meditation for Kids program will help you to introduce the valuable art of meditation to your child/ren. Today’s society is increasingly complex and demanding. Meditation can be the mainstay that helps your children reconnect with a part of themselves that can’t be touched by the demands, words and actions of others.

Meditation gives children a fundamental tool to repair and soothe their emotions, calm their thoughts and reconnect with their precious inner essence. To remember who they really are and to learn to be compassionate towards themselves in their actions and thoughts.

Lisa Forde (Founder – Australian Centre for Meditation and Mindfulness) and Julie Bond-Rowe (ACMM & Children’s Meditation) have developed this exciting new meditation for kids program.  This innovative and unique program contains information, guided meditation scripts, selected audios and much more for Parents, Carers and Teachers to introduce meditation to children.  This Meditation for Kids Program is suitable for Preschool and Primary School aged children.  Spending this special time with your child and sharing meditation with them, will be a magical and precious time.

This program contains a Bonus Introductory 21 Meditation Program specifically designed for Parents. Optional Skype Coaching support is also available at an extra cost for those who would like extra guidance and support.

Please Note: You will be sent an email with the Download link once payment is finalised. Check your Spam folder if you have not received this in your Inbox.


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