Highlighting Our Post Graduate Diploma Graduates – Catherine Elvian Drysdale

We are proud to introduce you to ACMM’s newest Diploma Graduate, Catherine, Elvian (El) Drysdale. Catherine completed our accredited online meditation teacher training by finishing her Advanced Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation and Mindfulness in early 2023, and went on to complete her Diploma at the end of that same year. She has combined […]

Highlighting Our Community Work Placement Graduates – Miranda Wise

We are excited to share Miranda’s Meditation and Mindfulness Community Work Placement (CWP) Experience this week! Miranda is a Post Graduate Diploma graduate who has also now completed her Community Work Placement (CWP) program! As part of this program, she ran a 6-week meditation program for Cancer Wellness Support based in Leura, NSW. Miranda is […]

Highlighting Our Community Work Placement Graduates – Brea Willingham

We would love you to meet Brea, a mentor at ACMM and recent graduate of the Community Work Placement (CWP) program where she ran a 6 week meditation program for the residents at Bolton Clarke Fairways, Bundaberg – Retirement Living and Residential Aged Care. Continue reading to find out about Brea’s experience sharing meditation and […]

Overcoming Challenges to Share Meditation and Mindfulness in Your Community

Starting a meditation and mindfulness business can be challenging. You need to be knowledgeable and prepared to share your expertise with the local community. There are many difficulties you may encounter, but with the right resources and strategies, you can make it a success. ACMM’s post graduate Community Work Placement (CWP) program seeks to build […]

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