Navigating Challenges with Confidence and Self compassion meditation teacher event

Navigating Challenges With Confidence and Self Compassion at ACMM

Last week, ACMM Meditation Teaching Community members gathered for our Peer Connection Group Session entitled ‘Navigating Challenges With Confidence and Self Compassion’.   This supportive event was designed for new Meditation Teachers and those studying with ACMM. It helped us to successfully manage the inevitable challenges and hiccups that come with starting or growing a new […]

How to share the gift of meditation with children

Would you like to share your love for meditation and mindfulness with children? This week ACMM Coach and Children’s Mindfulness Teacher, Sammy Wynn gives us 5 tips on how to do just that! Continue reading to find out. As adults, mindfulness can be supportive in helping us cultivate a sense of calm, inner connection, and […]

How to choose the right meditation posture?

Sitting, lotus position, half lotus, lying down, standing, walking, chairs, cushions…with so many meditation postures to choose from, we asked our ACMM coaches to share how they choose a meditation position. Continue reading to find out their preferences, tips and recommended props! Tip Number 1: Mix it up! “On the meditation cushion, the couch, on […]

10 ways to keep your meditation practice going over the holidays

The holidays are almost here and with changes to routines and all the glorious festivities it can be challenging to stick to a daily meditation practice! So we reached out to our ACMM Coaches for some tips on how they keep their meditation practices going over the holiday period.  Tip Number 1 “One thing I […]

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