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Bronte’s story; how learning to teach meditation transformed my business

Meet ACMM graduate, Bronte Spicer. She shares how learning to teach meditation by completing the Advanced Certificate transformed her business…

I stumbled upon the Australian Centre for Meditation and Mindfulness when I was searching online for my ‘next course’ to help grow my business. My income was fairly limited at the time, offering Reiki, but I had a vision to build my skills and modalities, one at a time, to make my dream of full-time work a reality.

I was taken aback when I found ACMM included the same wording as my own business which at the time was ‘Holistic Living – Connecting Body, Mind and Soul’. When I read the prospectus, I felt as though Lisa’s philosophy was so much in alignment with my own.

I took the plunge, borrowed the money and invested in the Advance Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation and Mindfulness. While I hadn’t planned to complete the ‘Advanced Certificate’ I couldn’t say no to the elective ‘Meditation and the Chakras!’

Once I began ‘studying’, moving through the activities and readings within each Session seemed effortless and even therapeutic. The Advanced Certificate offered me space to reconnect with my Self and harness my creative abilities that had laid dormant within for many years.

Surprisingly, I gained real personal growth during my Zoom calls with the most generous support from my coaches and I witnessed my confidence in my abilities as a teacher develop more and more throughout the Course. By the end, I felt comfortable in my abilities to lead guided meditations without a script or planning!

The array of meditation techniques and insight I learnt during the Course brought a sense of enjoyment back to my own meditation practice and running my first meditation group was something I really looked forward to each week.

Completing the Advanced Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation and Mindfulness as absolutely transformed my business. Since graduating, here are the meditation services I now offer my clients:

– Term by Term Meditation Courses (suited to beginners through to advanced)

– Guided Meditation Audios (my clients can download from my website

– Creative Kids Meditation Workshops (offered to both parents and children on weekends and for the local home-schooling community)

– Private Meditation Therapy (one-on-one support to guide my clients along their own personal meditation journey)

– Meditation Workshops (for adults)

– Creative Mindfulness Meditations in Schools (a comprehensive program to implement meditation in schools for both students and staff)

– Creative Spirit Circles (an opportunity for my clients to explore their spirituality via meditation)

– Soul Retreat (a day-long Retreat offering yoga, meditation and soul discovery)

Completing the Adv. Certificate at ACMM gave me the confidence and abilities to actualise my dream business. I recommend ACHS to anyone who asks! Find out more here:



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