How to be mindful with social media

1.5 read. We give you some handy hints to become more mindful with your social media use. Particularly if you need to use it to promote your business or classes! 


Let’s face it, social media is a big distraction. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest challenges with social media is the ability to stay present and enjoy the world around us.  A lot of us are guilty of wasting away precious moments that could be spent deeply engaging with the ones we love. Or perhaps being present with an emotion or cherishing a moment that is passing by.

And, when you need to use social media for your business, it seems even harder to strike a balance with how much time is spent. It makes having a digital detox really difficult! Particularly if social media is an important channel that drives an audience to your services.

Rest assured, creating a balance with how much time you dedicate to social media for your meditation business is possible!

Listed below are some handy hints to help you be more mindful with the time you spend on social media.


Create a social media plan

There are many benefits to spending some time up front to work out what you will post and when. This will ensure that what you are posting aligns with your individual brand. It will also allow you to be consistent and regular with your post frequency which improves audience engagement. There are many free social media plans available online. For example, check out Hubspot’s free social media calendar template.


social media planning


Dedicate a scheduled time for social media each day

It is really important to engage with your audience and respond to their comments and questions. It is also preferable to respond in a timely manner. Setting aside 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon will allow you to reply to your audience within hours of their post and lets them know that you are listening to them.


Inform your audience when you need a break

Letting your audience know that you are having a digital detox for a day or week, is a great way to create some balance. They then know that you might be a little quiet for a while if they are used to seeing your regular posts. It also sets a good example of the boundaries we all need to set in order for us to have a healthy relationship with technology.


Become present

When it comes to creating the posts, ensure that you are fully present and dedicated to that creation time you have carved out for yourself.  This will open you up to let those creative juices flow!

creating with presence mindful social media

Consider using a social media management tool

There are many social media management tools available to manage the timing of your posts. They allow you to create and schedule your media upfront, so that you don’t waste precious time posting on the fly. A lot of them also offer a free basic account to get you started. However, the flexibility of free accounts is usually very limited. If you think that social media, and specifically Instagram & LinkedIn, will form a main channel in your marketing mix, then you might want to consider a subscription. We looked at some of these tools in our article 7 marketing tools for your meditation business. When it comes to Facebook, it is highly recommended to schedule your posts through your Facebook account to increase the likelihood of your post being seen.


Post with authenticity

A huge 91% of users want brands to be authentic with their social media content.  So rather than posting anything just to be seen to be active, ensure your posts are heart-based and genuine. Bring a sense of mindfulness to the reasons why you are posting. Do you actually have something that will be of benefit to your customers, or are you just posting out of habit?


Post and Put Down!

Once you post something on social media it can be very tempting to keep checking to see if anyone has engaged with your content. That means after you post something on social media go do something tech-free and away from your phone, like going for a walk. Watch and see what arises in you when you stop yourself from incessantly checking your posts.

We hope this article has helped you with some ideas to become more mindful with social media.  Leave a comment if you have any other tips!


The ACMM team

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