Highlighting Our Students & Graduates – Karen Hamilton

This month we want you to meet ACMM graduate Karen Hamilton! Karen is from a small country town in Central West NSW. Karen is a recently retired school teacher who runs regular community meditation classes and staff sessions for workplaces such as the local day care, the local pre and primary school.

Continue reading to find out how Karen is supporting children in her community.

Hi Karen! Tell us a little bit about yourself 

I live in Narromine, which is a small country town in Central West NSW. My husband, John and I are now the only ones here as our son, Archie is in Newcastle and our daughter, Ellie is in Geelong. We do have Ralph the cattle dog, Riley the rabbit and lots of birds living with us. I enjoy reading, walking, catching up with friends and time to myself meditating, preferably in nature.

I am a school teacher; however, I am finishing this year and hope to spend more time teaching meditation. This is perfect timing for me as I have just completed my Advanced Certificate with 6 electives. I will be doing some more electives though, as there so many amazing choices. Next year I will begin my Diploma.

What attracted you to become a meditation teacher and study with ACMM?

Perhaps like many others, I was definitely guided to the ACMM course! One day after talking with a gorgeous child at school, who was dealing with a lot of issues, it upset me that our school system is not able to help these children. That night, I felt that I needed to do mindfulness and my head was filled with ideas but I wasn’t sure how to do this. After thinking too much, I rushed into a short 2-day course. Whilst it was great for me, it certainly wasn’t going to help me get to where I wanted to be.

Eventually, when I was not ‘in my head’ so much, I discovered ACMM and now I am so excited that I am actually teaching meditation and making a difference in people’s lives, as well as my own.

How has meditation impacted you on a personal level – what are the benefits you have seen? 

I think I could write a book on the benefits that I have received!

As I was completing the Children’s meditation elective and asked some past students to participate, I realised that I have always included meditation and mindfulness activities in my teaching programs. Their mum said that when she asked them about coming to a session, they replied, ‘Mrs Hamilton always did stuff like that with us.’ This made me smile.

Of course, personally, I have realised that we are all a work in progress and even though I have experienced incredible growth from the guidance of the wonderfully set out course, my meditation practice continues to help to connect me to my heart. This allows me to live a much fuller and complete life.

What does your personal meditation practice look like? What styles or types of meditation do you enjoy?

Each morning, when I wake, I do a Reiki self-healing and then a meditation. This often involves gratitude, intention setting or connecting to a deity. I also find time throughout the day to be mindful and my meditation practice has certainly made me more aware of my body and what it is telling me. If I notice tension or tightness in my body, I will often do a grounding meditation wherever I am. I also meditate if I am feeling tired, as it always re-energises me.

I love all the different techniques but if I had to pick a favourite, it would probably be a loving-kindness meditation. I find that I often do this, especially if I know of someone who is needing this. Saying that, I have learnt that I need to look after myself first, which then helps all those around me.

I cannot imagine my life without meditation.

Do you have your own meditation/mindfulness/holistic business, plans to start one?

About a year ago, I started my own business, ‘Harmonious Heart’ and I am running two weekly community sessions in Narromine. It has been so exciting to meet people that are interested and have come along to see what it is all about. In our small country town, there is not many opportunities to experience something that may not be viewed as ‘common.’ It has certainly filled me with love to hear some of the benefits that my clients have experienced such as better sleep, less anxious, more aware, and focused.

Along with weekly classes, I have run staff sessions for workplaces such as the local day care, the Preschool and where I teach in Dubbo. I also run Sound bowl sessions in Narromine on the occasional Sunday. I certainly hope to do more work with children if that is what my path leads to.

What would you say to someone thinking of becoming a meditation teacher?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

If it is something that you have thought of and want to do it, you really should. Even if you decide not to teach others, the ACMM course will be an incredible gift to yourself and it will change your life.

What have you enjoyed about studying with ACMM?

Where do I start? It is such a well thought out and thorough program. It is easy and enjoyable to follow and gently guides you through such an amazing personal journey. Lisa has created such a beautiful space that guides, supports and encourages you. The coaches are all incredible souls who offer wisdom and encouragement. The support continues after you finish, which is so important as you take the plunge to begin teaching.

Having recently attended an in-person retreat, this was such a wonderful experience as I had the opportunity to meet like-minded people, along with learning and experiencing all the activities on offer over the weekend. I cannot wait for the next one!

You can find out more about Karen’s offerings at:

Email: harmoniousheart1@gmail.com

Facebook: Harmonious Heart

We provide Teaching Certification right up to Diploma and Masters level training that includes supervision. A range of post graduate training options and support, are also available, including our Community Work Placement Program and Business Lounge Program which supports new meditation teachers to begin or expand their teaching practice. Download a prospectus for all the details.

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