The magical healing power of meditation

I woke up this morning feeling overwhelmed by the body aches and pains of a cold that had been lingering for a week or so. After giving myself some extra time to rest, I reflected on the many times I had conquered physical ailments with meditation and decided to give it another try this morning. It worked wonders and I simply had to share it with you.

But first a few thoughts.

As I started to focus on my breathing I reflected on what is needed to overcome pain, discomfort or malaise and the answer to my present conundrum came through loud and clear.

The belief that you canmind creativity

I appreciate that you may be dealing with much more than a pesky cold, but I have dealt with much more too, and this belief still stands as the mantra that forged me a path through so much trauma and difficulty.

I can!

The I can mantra needs to ring like a clear bell despite all that apparently surrounds you and appears real today.  Never be fooled by accepting what is as this is only the result of past thoughts and beliefs.  Here we are, living in our homes, surrounded by our suburbs, working in our workplaces.  These realities are only our dreams of the past.  Each element of what we presently see and experience was once a thought that someone forged into being. Each building, workplace, piece of clothing. We can create anew each day.

I can is not just a mental mantra.  It needs to be entirely holistic.  You need to support this belief with good, pure food, exercise, meditation, positive mental stimulation and daily emotional support in order to support its survival. These are lifestyle choices.

So without further ado, here is the meditation that worked better than any Codral or other chemical concoction I could’ve ingested into my body.  Note each step should be done slowly.

1. Begin by settling your focus with a gentle breathing technique. You can

a) do some deep breathingwoman meditating 2

b) do some soft gentle breathing (focussing your breath on the tip of your nose)

I find the soft breathing works best for me, but it’s a personal choice.

2. Next, focus on the healing power of love. If love had a symbol what would it be for you?

Today for me it was a rainbow. For you it might be a dolphin  or a love heart.

Get very clear on what a symbol of love is for you. There is no right or wrong answer. It’s just personal preference. Whatever jumps into your mind first is usually the right one for you.

3. Place that symbol in your body, somewhere between your heart and the base of your spine.

Sit with this in meditation for a while so that you can really feel it there.

4. Now start at the top of your head and neck area and draw all your energy from this area through your symbol (as though your symbol were a cleansing and renewing filter).  This will involve swirling and moving energy from one area of your body into another area of your body where the symbol is sitting.

Allow the energy to be filtered through the symbol. Fully engage yourself as this process takes place, feeling the process as much as you can. (It might actually feel worse at this stage – but keep going and trust..)

5. Now take your awareness down to your chest, shoulders and arms and do the same with the energy here, drawing it through the symbol of love. Focus on the process not the outcome.

6. Down to your stomach, abdomen, pelvis and lower back. Do the same with this area. Running it through the filter of your symbol of love.

7. Do the same with the energy in your thighs, lower legs and feet.

8. Now return to your symbol and once again, meditate with the symbol in your body until it’s ready to fade away.

I would love to hear how you go!!

Have a wonderful day

Lisa Forde

Founder & Principal – ACMM





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