Unpacking Our NEW Specialist Streams

One of the reasons that ACMM is a leading Meditation Teacher Training provider is because we are constantly working to deliver our students the most comprehensive content and study options possible! Last week we announced enhanced qualification options for our students who are studying an Advanced Certificate, through what is called the Specialist Streams. This article takes a deep dive into the specialist streams so that you can understand the best options available to you as you undertake this wonderful journey to become a meditation teacher.


Which meditation training course does the Specialist Stream apply to?

If you are enrolled in the Advanced Certificate with 3 or 6 electives you have the option to specialize by completing a specific set of electives that lead to a more specialized qualification. Upon completion, your Advanced Certificate will identify that you have specialized in your chosen program.

For each study stream you can decide whether you want to complete 3 or 6 electives (just like in the general Advanced Certificate), however these electives are chosen for you. Additional electives of your choice may be purchased and added to the specialist study program.


What are the Study Streams?

There are five Study Streams available for you you choose from. They are;


#1 Workplace Meditation and Mindfulness

This stream helps to prepare you for teaching meditation and/or mindfulness in a corporate setting. The electives include Mindfulness and Buddhist Psychology, Corporate Meditation and Mindfulness, Workshops and Classes and Advanced Facilitation Skills as electives as well as other options. See our prospectus for the full range.


#2 Community and Support Groups

With this specialization you will be able to teach confidently and support a variety of types of groups in a community setting, in a hospital or in support groups. This range of electives focusses on being able to provide emotional holding as well as meditation instruction. The initial electives are; Bringing Mindfulness Home, Journalling for Clarity and Mediation for Pain, Grief and Dying.


#3 Mental Health and Wellbeing

In today’s culture, mental health and wellbeing are becoming a higher priority for everyone. With anxiety, depression and other conditions affecting our mental health becoming more prevalent, many more people are reaching out for Meditation and Mindfulness to assist.

In this range of electives you will explore Journalling, Supporting Anxiety and Trauma with Meditation and Mindfulness and Practices centred in the heart. When you enrol with 6 electives, the range gets even bigger.

Of course, we teach all our students to refer to mental health professionals where needed, but it’s good to know that you will be able to provide tools to enhance the wellbeing of all your students.


#4 Spiritual Meditation

This is a journey through the Chakras, through an explanation of your own life journey and ritual in the Spiritual Meditation Elective, into the realm of deep insight and clarity through Meditative Inquiry.

Each specialist stream is unique and this one is a deep and expansive journey from the deep emotions of daily living to the ocean of support available through expansion of the mind and heart into absolute awareness. What a ride!


# 5 Meditation for Women

A beautiful range of electives in this stream will enable you to support your sisters on their journey with practices that support, nurture and restore. Journalling, Heart Centred Practices and our new elective on holding Women’s Circles comprise the 3 electives in this journey.

You can also bring more elements into your teaching by expanding into the wider choice of 6 electives.

An essential set of tools for anyone wanting to support women.


For details about each elective, please check out our Electives Booklet or download our Course Prospectus by entering your details on the right to view all the Specialist Stream options.

I have also recorded a little video which explains the New Specialist Streams, the New Electives, and how they all fit together.




We are really excited about this new initiative – it is one of a kind – and we would love you to take advantage of it!


Lisa x

Our meditation teacher training courses are accredited by the Meditation Association of Australia (MAA) and the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT).


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