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Highlighting Our Graduates: Tim James

We are delighted to introduce to you Tim James. A meditation teacher based in Adelaide. Not to mention, a graduate of the Advanced Certificate in Teaching and Guiding Meditation and a coach here at ACMM!


Hi Tim, tell us a little about yourself…

I live in a very quiet street in a suburb called Golden Grove in Adelaide, South Australia. Over the road we have a beautiful natural park with native gum trees, birds everywhere and a gorgeous creek. I mostly work from home where I run my business Meditation Life.
I’m married to an incredible woman, Kerry. She has been my rock of support ever since we met. Standing by and with me through numerous challenges. This included ‘burnout’ and three career changes. I went from Engineering CEO, to Consulting Business Owner, to Charity worker. Finally, I can say that I find myself where my heart now, as a teacher of meditation.

We live with two amazing young adults, my daughter Katelyn and son Cam. We’ve recently said goodbye to our dear friend and pet dog Magoo who was with us for over 11 years. Pretty sad – he brought with him so much joy and was one of my greatest teachers.

When I’m not working in my office, I’ll be either meditating, outside in the garden, watching a movie, chilling out with my wife, or walking in nature.


What attracted you to become a meditation teacher and study with ACHS?

I came across meditation some 15 years ago and it changed my experience of life at the time from one of struggle to one of amazement, discovery and a sense of inner peace and joy. From there, I devoted myself to meditation for a period of about 8 years. I was then re-bitten by the desire for achievement and to make a big difference in the charitable sector, so I took up an opportunity with a charity, a lovely impactful organisation. After 5 years there I felt burnt out (again) and knew I had to make some changes.

During a Xmas break I asked myself what did I really want to do. I deeply sat with this question and the answer was meditation and teaching meditation. It resonated completely. So, I began the search on Google and after reviewing many different schools, settled on ACMM for its holistic approach and depth of study.


How has meditation impacted you on a personal level?

Massively! Meditation has been a huge support in times of challenge and in times of peace. Since finding meditation I have enjoyed diving into many other related aspects, studying Quantum Touch, running groups, writing an empowering spiritual book, attending retreats and learning from so many incredible teachers. The biggest impact personally has been for awareness of and returning to the Self and slowly living in harmony in the world.


What does your personal meditation practice look like? What styles or types of meditation do you enjoy?

My personal practice includes a morning meditation, often based around present awareness of what is, including thoughts (mindfulness). I’ll sit in one of a few locations and self-guide for around 30 – 45 mins. I’ll generally meditate again in the evening before or after dinner for around 45 – 60 mins. I sometimes listen to recordings in the evening or self-guide, or more so recently may do a breath technique before diving into deeper meditation. I lean towards self-inquiry meditation, or simply sitting with what is, observing without adding anything.


Do you have your own meditation business in Adelaide?

Meditation Coach Adelaide

My business, Meditation Life is focused on deepening people’s experience with and understanding of meditation and therefore of themselves. I teach and guide meditation for community and corporate groups, as well as one-on-one. As part of this, I’m wrapped to be a coach with ACHS working with amazing students. To share in each students journey with ACHS is such an incredible joy. I’m very grateful to also be launching a new ACHS Elective called Meditative Inquiry. In this elective, we’ll taking a dive into Inquiry meditation for everyday insight. From there, we deep dive into self-inquiry. This is about seeing beyond the everyday to who is aware of the experience.


Do you have any meditation events, workshops or classes coming up in Adelaide?

I have recently launched three new meditation groups in Adelaide. One is focused on Relaxation and Mindfulness for stress relief and self-awareness. The other two are focused on Self-inquiry. This means resting as that which you are.

Another passion is to return to India and offer a Spiritual Adventure retreat in late 2020.

All my events are listed on my facebook page and my website, will be launching in late Feb/Early March 2020.


What would you say to someone who is thinking about becoming a meditation teacher?

I think I’d just say ‘Welcome, it’s an amazing space to be’!


What have you enjoyed about studying with ACHS?

I enjoyed learning the model for teaching and guiding meditation. It expanded and deepened my understanding of meditation and how to bring a meditation together. Another aspect I have really enjoyed is the community – from meeting gorgeous open-hearted people at retreats through to working with the different coaches. The Australian Centre for Meditation and Mindfulness is such a warm, engaging environment. I’m very grateful to have studied here, to be connected with the community on facebook and to now be coaching.


We love sharing our graduates stories. There are so many paths that our students take upon completing their qualification here at ACMM. Check out some other stories of how students are using their qualifications;  Meet Frida, Meet Lisa, Meet Kerry.


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