What’s the difference between Mindfulness and Meditation?

In today’s busy and fast-paced world filled with constant distraction and stress, the practices of meditation and mindfulness have emerged as powerful tools for cultivating mental and emotional peace, balance, and clarity. While the definition of these terms is not clear-cut, this article aims to shed light on some of the key similarities and differences […]

Everything You Need To Know To Become a Meditation Teacher

Discover the important skills required to become a meditation teacher, what to consider before choosing a Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher training and how our courses can help you reach your goals and cultivate key skills required to teach confidently. Learn how to bring your whole self to your work and earn an income doing what […]

5 Ways Meditation and Mindfulness Can Be Useful in Health Care Settings

Having spent over 40 years working as a registered general nurse, midwife, maternal and child health nurse, in a number of different facilities – acute care, emergency care, intensive care – both adult and neo natal, schools, in community health centres and home visiting; I can say I have seen the best and the worst […]


7 tips to transition from your job to a meditation teaching business

Although transitioning from full-time work to starting a full or part-time meditation teaching business can be daunting, it offers many benefits such as: the ability to pursue your passions, creating a work-life balance, financial independence, and control over your career path. With some work, experience, and a support network, the long-term rewards are possible and […]

A Guide to Introducing the Magic of Meditation and Mindfulness to Children

Creating engaging meditation and mindfulness programs for children is a specialised skill and it can be a highly rewarding and joyous way to offer meditation and mindfulness. In this week’s blog, ACMM Coach, Sammy Wynn is excited to share with you a series of engaging and educational methods that make the beauty of mindfulness and […]

How to enhance your massage practice with meditation and mindfulness

Meditation and massage are two different therapies that, when combined, can provide an even deeper sense of relaxation and well-being. Both therapies focus on the mind-body connection, and the combination brings about a stronger healing effect. Meditation allows us to clear the mind and to relax more deeply while massage helps to release tension and […]

5 ways meditation teacher training made me a better yoga teacher

Yoga teachers who wish to further their knowledge and understanding of the practice should consider doing meditation teacher training. This week ACMM Coach, Yoga and Meditation Teacher Susie McPhie shares how her meditation teacher training supported her in becoming a better yoga teacher. Through meditation and mindfulness teacher training, yoga teachers can gain a number […]

6 tips on using meditation and mindfulness with private or 1:1 clients

Are you keen to coach clients, 1:1, using meditation and mindfulness to supercharge their growth, development, and goal achievement? Here are some valuable tips from our ACMM Coaching Team that might help boost your confidence and service offerings. Working 1:1 with people is a great way to tailor meditation training to address an individual’s unique […]

How meditation can balance your energy when supporting others

Meditation is like your own, private, inner sanctuary that you can go to whenever you need. It is a tool that is always there at your command. In this way, meditation can be an excellent support at times when your energy is expelled to others, possibly leaving you feeling a little deflated, low energy or […]

How meditation can enhance your sound healing sessions

The power of sound resonates deeply in all of us. Have you ever had the experience of hearing a song or sound, which without any planning or thinking, takes you right back to an event from your past? In arriving there, your emotions respond with a reflection of what was present for you at the […]

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