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Highlighting Our Graduates: Kerryn Slater

Meet Kerryn Slater. Our multi-talented graduate who is a Meditation Coach & Facilitator, Self Discovery Coach, Reiki Master & Teacher, Hypnosis Practitioner & Psychic Medium! We have a chat to see what she has been up to since graduating from ACMM…


Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am so very blessed to live on an incredibly beautiful in Victoria – Phillip Island.

My greatest passions are walking on the beach, helping women to reconnect with themselves, meditation, travelling, immersing myself in new experiences that inspire me, reading books written by inspirational teachers and sharing fabulous food with wonderful friends.

I have a gorgeous husband who is very supportive of the work that do, two amazing adult children that I am immensely proud of and two dogs named Molly and Lily.

I am so lucky that my work is doing what I love most in the world, I am a life coach, meditation teacher, Reiki Master Teacher and psychic medium.  All of these amazing tools come together as one in all that I do when working with women to assist them in obtaining peace, harmony, well-being and a sense of self awareness and self love in their lives.


What attracted you to become a meditation teacher?

I was at a very low point in my life suffering with chronic migraines, stress, extreme anxiety and addiction.  I was deeply unhappy and overwhelmed with life.

I reached a point where I recognised that my life could no longer continue the way that it was and through my desperation I sent out an SOS to life and the Universe that I was in serious trouble and I needed help.

Through a series of events I came across an organisation called Smiling Mind and I decided that I could commit to doing just 5 minutes meditation every morning and every night.

The transformation and healing that occurred in my life from that one small commitment was amazing, it filled me with so much joy and happiness that I was inspired to share this with as many people as I could.

It was from this intense desire that the idea of becoming a fully certified meditation teacher was born and the rest as they say is history!


How has meditation impacted you on a personal level?

Meditation helped to heal me from patterns of addiction, stress and anxiety and my cluster migraines stopped almost immediately. It reconnected me to my deep spiritual faith that I had lost during my years of suffering and it was through this reconnection to the truer more loving essence of myself that allowed my natural healing and intuitive nature to resurface.


What does your personal meditation practice look like? What styles or types of meditation do you enjoy?

My personal meditation practice is morning, evening and when time permits during the day.

I love all styles of meditation and depending on where I am at in my life will determine the one I use. I particularly love guided meditations and mantra, which I  often use this throughout the day if I feel myself becoming anxious or fearful. I also enjoy mindful meditations,  focusing my attention on the stillness in my body,  between thoughts, in the space around me, and of course focusing on the breath.


Tell us more about your amazing business that is helping so many women. What sort of services do you offer?

My business is called Holistic Essentials Therapy and Consulting.  My thirst for all things spiritual and how I could be of service to others led me to start this business. I really wanted to create something where I could share and pass on all of the tools that I have learned along the way, with others; personal well being, transformation and meditation are a huge part of what I do.

My clients are women range in ages from 25 – 60 and are based both in Australia and Internationally as I work in person and online. I find they are typically women who work and take care of their families and often their own needs are not very high on their priority list.

So they are seeking wellbeing, harmony and peace in their lives. They are also women who have a sense that there is more to this life than meets the eye and are also wanting to change the negative way they feel about themselves.

I have 3 regular in-person classes and one online meditation class via a private Facebook Group that I run fortnightly (as part of a monthly subscription). I also run events in Meditation & Sound Healing!

I also have meditations available for download off my website. In fact, I would love to share with you my free short meditation that I created to assist you in coming back to the present moment. This can be easily used at anytime throughout your day.


Is there anything coming up for you that you’d like to share?

Yes! In February next year I am a facilitator at an amazing retreat in Fiji where I will be running a Guided Meditation session. The Retreat is called the Ultimate Girls Week Away and Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) is the major Key Note Speaker. I feel so honoured to be amongst 30 other gorgeous facilitators who will be running workshops at this retreat!


What would you say to someone who is thinking about becoming meditation teacher/completing their certificate?

If you are considering becoming a meditation teacher I highly recommend and lovingly encourage you to complete this course. There is such a depth to the content and that learning is not limited to meditation and teaching. What you will learn and discover about yourself throughout the process is life changing.

Completing this course with the support and guidance of the ACMM coaches behind you every step of the way, is what gave me the courage to go out and confidently run my own classes and workshops.


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