Journalling for Clarity – A 6 Week Fully Coached Program



This is also one of our Certificate electives. It can be completed as a stand-alone program with credits towards your Certificate or Advanced Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation and Mindfulness.

Meditation is one component of holistic self-care. We need other activities to take care of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.  Preceding meditation with journalling is an excellent way to clear the mind and process the day’s events. It helps to shift emotions and bring clarity and insight. Most of all, it helps us to reconnect to our inner selves, which can bring greater depth to our meditations, allow less obstructed entry into meditative states and open the way to deeper insights about ourselves. I find it also helps inform the most appropriate technique and focus to utilize in my meditation time as I can bring specific soothing through meditation to particular issues running in my life.

This daily 6 week journalling program is designed for use alongside your daily meditation practice. It contains specific activities that can be translated for use with groups as well as healing activities. This program covers;

  • the validation of feelings,
  • transforming negative feelings,
  • building self-esteem,
  • building inner resources,
  • healing emotional wounds as well as
  • opening your heart to the wonder and joy of life.

As with all electives, this elective is fully supported by your coach, includes a Skype support call at any time and written feedback.

Dear prospective student, due to holiday closure from 18/12/21 – 11/01/22, feedback and coaching for this elective will not be available over this period. This is a 6 week consecutive program, and you submit your work and receive feedback as you go along, so we suggest you plan to start this elective from 01/01/21 onwards.

Please Note: You will be sent an email with the Download link once payment is finalized.  Check your Spam folder if you have not received this in your Inbox.

Before enrolling please read our training agreement.

Student responses to this elective:

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from this elective as I have journalled for most of my life however small changes in perspective, the gentle guidance and support by Helen has opened up a whole new world. I now journal with greater depth and feel so much more connected to my writing. I am continuing to learn about myself and accept who I am and how I feel with more openness.” – Genine

“For years I have been writing in my journal as part of my morning rituals. When I saw this elective I was unsure as I thought I knew it all. I was so wrong! The techniques taught in this course were phenomenal. It has opened my mind and journal to so much more.”  – Vikki

“I thoroughly enjoyed doing this elective. I found the techniques I have learnt to be supportive in helping me work through different life situations. I will be able to use these techniques for the rest of my life and am so grateful I have learnt them.” – Elizabeth

“The journalling elective will help you reflect on your life both good and bad whilst dealing with emotions, feelings and fear and developing self-love. In a safe, caring and supportive way, Helen will constantly support you with kindness and advice.” – Leanne

“I found the journalling elective extremely useful and beneficial in enabling me to manage unresolved issues, gain clarity and learn about myself in a deeper and more compassionate way. I would highly recommend it.” – Fiona

“This elective has been an inspiring and amazing journey. I am sad that it has ended and yet excited to be spreading my wings into providing a service to the community that I now feel more passionate about than ever before thanks to ACMM.”– Bronwyn

“Before doing Journalling with Clarity I had a real resistance to writing down my thoughts. This elective has taught me how to release built up emotions and how to nurture and nourish myself enabling my meditation practice to deepen.” – Grace

“I cannot recommend this elective highly enough! The structure of the course and the techniques were wonderful. Helen’s compassion, knowledge and encouragement has provided me with lifelong coping tools and has helped me learn to love myself.” – Danielle

“Fantastic course to help you understand not only the reasons that you might need to journal, but also various tools to do it. I liked that there wasn’t one best way to journal, and I very much enjoyed the insights that came up through daily journalling into my own life. Everyone human would benefit from doing this elective at some stage!” – Alexandra

“Journalling for Clarity elective introduced me to so many new journaling techniques for all different challenges in life. I used to predominantly practice automactic / free-writing, but now, I have several more journaling tools in my tool belt to chose from, depending on what’s going on for me; and having an appropriate tool for the task as hand is priceless.” – Donna

“The Journalling for Clarity elective is an excellent introduction to the benefits of journalling and how journalling can be used in conjunction with a regular meditation practice to support through difficult periods and deepen self understanding. There is gentle guidance through a variety of journalling techniques that are useful for both my own practice and to assist others. I found it a great elective to develop my skills as a teacher and work through some blocks that I had as I begin to guide others in meditation.” – Belinda

“If I’m honest I thought I knew how to journal as it’s been part of my life for many years. What I wasn’t aware of are how many different ways there are too reflect on life, and how proactive this can be as well. I learnt so much about myself and now have a bunch of resources I can draw on for my growth going forward. I’m so grateful, thank you” – Stephanie

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