The Australian Centre for Meditation and Mindfulness (ACMM) is a National and International Meditation Teacher Training Organisation that offers unique courses making study a pleasurable and enlightening journey. Our courses are conducted online with optional in person retreats and we have harnessed the gifts of accessible modern technology to create a community of students that is vibrant, connected, interactive and dynamic. Our students, graduates and coaches are doing wonderful work and providing inspiration, assistance and encouragement to each other. The opportunities are numerous for students to communicate and share and for students to receive close knit and encouraging support from our coaches.

Our mission is to increase personal and global peace and wellbeing by training and supporting meditation teachers that work from the heart and bring a holistic approach to teaching meditation, mindfulness and wellbeing.

We teach by compassionately supporting the individual journeys of our students with heartfelt encouragement and validation, and with honest feedback and direction. That is why the majority of our teaching is done on a one on one basis with students.

At the Australian Centre for Meditation and Mindfulness (formerly the Australian Centre for Holistic Studies) we pride ourselves on delivering courses that are easy to access, easy to follow and understand even if you haven’t studied for a while, very well supported with lots of one on one training, inspiring, life changing and most of all that truly help you develop the skills you want to achieve.

We are blessed to have the most wonderful team of dedicated teachers and coaches who wholeheartedly believe in their work and really walk their talk. Our work is a complete joy to us and this comes through in how we interact with and support our students.

Simply because:

  • The Australian Centre for Meditation and Mindfulness has a flawless reputation for delivering high quality courses with 5 star Facebook reviews and happy students and graduates.
  • One on one training throughout your studies with our fantastic coaches. Read about them on our home page. All our coaches are leaders in bringing meditation out into the community and the wider culture and work in the field.
  • Opportunities to train with other students built into the course.
  • Regular interaction and communication with other students available. Face to face training through our retreats.
  • Thorough and effective training that is easy to access and holistic in nature and delivery.
  • Our courses provide a deep, nurturing learning experience that enhances your personal and professional development. Lisa’s background as a holistic living counsellor and teacher means that the personal growth aspect that underlies meditation is a feature of our training.
  • Learn to create original meditations (not using templates) and deliver them live with no script.
  • Be able to create meditations for any audience (corporate, support groups, community groups, children, individual clients, health retreats, relaxation groups etc.) with our electives.
  • High quality training that is professionally written, presented and conducted. Well researched scientific and psychological information is utilized in preparing our coursework. Our training is in depth, thorough and very practical.
  • Our meditation teacher training courses are accredited by the Meditation Association of Australia (MA) and the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT).
  • The team at the Australian Centre for Meditation and Mindfulness is constantly updating our training materials and offerings, so you know that you are getting the best training that we can possibly provide. Our coaches work as meditation teachers and are at the forefront of their fields of expertise.
  • Our Eco policy ensures that we are 95% paper free, our manuals are delivered in pdf format and our team all work from their homes. This means less commuting, less paper, less power and less waste. ACMM cares for the environment in a very practical way.

Meet Lisa

“Leading up to founding ACMM, I completed a BA in Psychology at Melbourne University and have a Diploma in Holistic Living Counselling , Advanced Certificate in Counselling Children Holistically and a Cert IV in Workplace training and assessment. I have also trained in Reiki and other healing modalities. I have spent 6 years training and teaching alongside my teacher Alannah Dore. I taught the Certificate in Holistic Communications and Diploma in Holistic Living Counselling for the Melbourne region based at Deakin University. My work with Alannah involved facilitating personal development and holistic living retreats in Byron Bay and Victoria and collaborating in developing educational programs and events. I have been working in private practice as a Holistic Living Counsellor for 14 years and more recently as a holistic children’s’ counsellor. I run workshops and presentations in schools, at universities, support groups, private organisations, conferences and training events on meditation and self support and enjoy the public speaking side of this work greatly. In 2017 I was invited to join the board of Meditation Australia and present workshops and masterclasses at the 2018 Australian Meditation Conference.

Meditation has been a part of my life since I was 16 and in my final year of high school (and experienced my first stressful experience of exams). I returned to it in a more committed way later in life to help me manage problems in very tough times. In those times, meditation allowed me to experience myself as a wiser and more expanded person. Removing myself from the limitations of my current thinking, allowed new solutions to present and helped to relieve the stress I was going through.

17 years ago I started facilitating meditation groups and loved sharing this inspirational healing tool with others. Our meditation experiences were wonderful and as the group grew a core group of us stayed together. The longer we meditated together, the more miracles occurred in our lives and meditations. Each week was an exciting new adventure as we explored our inner worlds together. Over time I developed a unique technique for guiding meditation that worked well in my group. Members of the group accelerated their personal growth quickly and long running members of the group asked me to teach them my technique so that they could start teaching. This was the beginning of my meditation teacher training course that I originated and has since been developed and expanded to include many more techniques and teachings.

The courses taught at ACMM have evolved organically through my own curiosity and need.  I have gone through a deeply holistic, personal and professional research process in creating both the core meditation teacher training and the electives.  See my videos on the course pages for more information.

Taking time for yourself can be the greatest gift you can give yourself on a daily basis. This can become a fundamental practice that brings health, well being and support to you for the rest of your life- like a trusted friend. The benefits flow in all directions of your life and those you come in contact with. The deep understanding of this daily miracle is the foundation for teaching meditation. ”

Listen to an interview with Lisa on the Wild Success Podcast with Lizzie Moult here.

— Lisa Forde —

Our Supportive Teachers

Julie Bond-Rowe

Julie began as a coach with ACMM in 2012 and later took on the role of Assistant Principal.   Julie has extensive training in alternative therapies with a background in TM, Mahayana Buddhist practices, Reiki, Shiatsu and Tarot reading, just to name a few. She joined Lisa’s groups in 2003 and later completed her meditation training and has been an integral part of ACMM’s development ever since.  Julie runs the popular Australian children’s meditation website and facilitates meditation in her community as well as with her own young children.  She is a senior member Meditation Australia and has authored two Mindfulness Electives and the Meditation for Kids Program at the centre. She is an expert, encouraging and supportive coach.

Helen Hadley

Helen has completed a Diploma in Holistic Living Counselling and Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation. She is a Do-in facilitator and a Holistic Living Counsellor. Helen has worked with ACMM for 7 years in the area of personal development and meditation coaching. Helen also brings holistic personal development and meditation to her role as a drug and alcohol counsellor and group facilitator and sits on the Drug Advisory Council of Australia (DACA).  Helen brings a great deal of experience, compassion and understanding of the value and application of meditation practise to her coaching.

Felicity Carson

Felicity runs her own meditation business Tranquil Meditation on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Victoria incorporating meditation groups, classes, workshops and retreats. Felicity has a background in Reiki, Crystal Healing, Acupuncture, TM and is a Division 1 Registered nurse, specialising in breast care nursing and facilitating workshops for women with cancer.  Felicity’s work brings care and compassion together with professionalism. She is an inspiring coach to our students and has authored the Meditation for Pain, Grief and Dying Elective.

Morgan Jai-Morincome

Morgan is a Meditation Guide & Coach and qualified Holistic Counsellor & Psychotherapist. She also has a background in education, expressive arts and community development. Raised amongst a yoga community, Morgan was immersed in a variety of meditation approaches and continues her learning across different wisdom traditions. She runs Sacred Inner Wild , offering 1:1 sessions in person and online and meditation circles. Her professional and personal experience creates a safe, compassionate, creative and sacred space for her clients and students.

Kate Gee

Kate runs her own meditation business: “Beach Buddha Meditation” on the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria. She incorporates meditation circles, beginner’s classes and workshops. Kate was a primary teacher for over 30 years. This passion for working with children has also resulted in the development of an original Primary School Mindfulness Program: ‘Mindfully Me.’ Kate teaches mindfulness to children from Pre-school to Year 6 in Melbourne and in local schools on the Bellarine peninsula as well as conducting one on one sessions.

Tim James

Tim’s business Meditation Life, based in Adelaide, supports people to bring meditation into their everyday life, to connect deeply with themselves and find the wisdom that lies within.  Tim sees his coaching role with ACMM as an ideal marriage of his passion for supporting people through his expertise as a life coach and meditation teacher.  With a background in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors, Tim also teaches and guides meditation with community groups, corporate clients and 1 on 1.  Tim brings a grounded and gentle quality to his coaching that his students greatly appreciate. He has authored the Deepening through Meditative Inquiry and Corporate Meditation and Mindfulness electives at ACMM.

Leanne Russell

Leanne started her personal experience with meditation over 18 years ago; she found it a great foundation of support during the busy times of life and raising a family. She now has her own meditation business Inspiration Meditation based in the Wollondilly Shire in NSW, and is passionate about supporting others in bringing meditation into their lives.  Leanne has worked as an Early Childhood Educator for over 25 years, has a background in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy, Reiki and Australian Bush Flower essences.  She has wealth of experience meditating with different techniques, applying these in her own life and supporting her participants to use these also. Leanne’s gentle and compassionate nature is a gift to her students.

Lauren Howe

Lauren is a meditation teacher, life coach and energy medicine practitioner based in Terrigal, NSW. Lauren runs her own business,, supporting women and couples experiencing uncertainty in their fertility journey to feel grounded and compassionate along the way. Lauren has experience running meditation retreats, meditation classes for corporate organisations and schools, as well as classes and ‘learn to meditate’ courses for women and couples. Before becoming a meditation teacher, Lauren, with a background in law, worked solely for the WA public sector. After experiencing fertility challenges, Lauren was called to explore an alternative life path and through this began living more holistically and studying various healing modalities. Lauren now balances her public sector career with her passion for teaching meditation and offering energy medicine. A strange combination but one that brings the yin and yang of her life into harmony. Having completed her Diploma with ACMM, Lauren loves working with new students and empowering them along this unique and transformative journey!

Jaine Alston

Jaine runs her own business as a meditation teacher & healer in ‘One Breath at a Time Meditation’, in the beautiful Jervis Bay area of NSW working with meditation, Reiki and other alternative therapies.  Jaine loves to work with her groups and enjoys learning from her them.  She has a passion for life-long study that can support others in finding themselves and manifesting their dreams.
Jaine has been a Registered Nurse for 14 years and has an interest in Pain Management working with the Acute Pain Service and recently becoming more involved with the Chronic Pain Groups.  During this time she has gained a clear understanding of the emotional, physical and mental processes involved in the journey as a patient and she can best support them.
Jaine’s journey with meditation has seen her utilize many different technique to support herself and others in life’s ebbs and flows & feels there is a meditation technique out there for everyone, you just have to find it.

Susie McPhie

Susie runs her own Yoga and Meditation business, Snow Gum Yoga in Cooma, NSW.  Snow Gum offers weekly meditation and yoga groups, beginners meditation courses, guest sessions with Government and Non-Government bodies.  She has a background in health as a nurse, midwife and maternal and child health clinical nurse specialist for many years, both locally and in Sydney.  Susie brings a calm and grounded approach to her teaching and her students here at ACMM are compassionately supported under her guidance.

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