Highlighting ACMM Certified Meditation Teacher – Wendy Stephens

We are proud to introduce you to ACMM Certified Meditation Teacher Wendy Stephens. Wendy completed our accredited online meditation teacher training by completing her Advanced Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation and Mindfulness in April 2021. Wendy is super happy with the business she has established in St Georges Basin, NSW. She is feeling deep […]

How to enhance your massage practice with meditation and mindfulness

Meditation and massage are two different therapies that, when combined, can provide an even deeper sense of relaxation and well-being. Both therapies focus on the mind-body connection, and the combination brings about a stronger healing effect. Meditation allows us to clear the mind and to relax more deeply while massage helps to release tension and […]

5 ways meditation teacher training made me a better yoga teacher

Yoga teachers who wish to further their knowledge and understanding of the practice should consider doing meditation teacher training. This week ACMM Coach, Yoga and Meditation Teacher Susie McPhie shares how her meditation teacher training supported her in becoming a better yoga teacher. Through meditation and mindfulness teacher training, yoga teachers can gain a number […]

Ways that meditation can enhance your Reiki offerings

Reiki and meditation are both powerful healing modalities that can have a profound effect on mind, body, and spirit. When practiced together, they can be an even stronger force for positive change. Reiki is a natural healing energy that helps to reduce stress, while meditation helps to still the mind and open up to inner […]

6 tips on using meditation and mindfulness with private or 1:1 clients

Are you keen to coach clients, 1:1, using meditation and mindfulness to supercharge their growth, development, and goal achievement? Here are some valuable tips from our ACMM Coaching Team that might help boost your confidence and service offerings. Working 1:1 with people is a great way to tailor meditation training to address an individual’s unique […]

ACMM Community Interview – Meet Carmen Romeo

This month we interviewed an ACMM student Carmen Romeo who has already started teaching meditation classes at a studio in her community! Carmen is a mum of two young children and government employee in Adelaide and is enrolled in ACMM’s Mental Health Specialist Stream. She is in the final stages of her Advanced Certificate course […]

10 Tips for New Meditation and Mindfulness Graduates

This month, ACMM Coach and our ACMM Business Lounge Program host Tim James shares his 10 tips to support new meditation and mindfulness graduates in stepping out confidently into the world! Graduating with your Certificate, Advanced Certificate or Diploma is a huge achievement. You’ve put the work in, have developed deep skills at guiding and […]

The Power of Retreats

In this month’s blog Lisa Forde, ACMM Principal shares the reasons why retreats can be a powerful and important experience on the journey to becoming a meditation teacher. Continue reading to find out why. Think about a tightly closed flower bud. Each petal tightly wrapped around the one under it, creating a thick, tough set […]

meditation teacher new zealand

Highlighting Our Graduates – Mithun Prasannan

We’d love you to meet Mithun Prasannan. ACMM graduate and meditation teacher based in Wellington, New Zealand. Meditation has always been Mithun’s passion. And now he is turning this passion into a career that is wholly centred on helping others find the stillness, peace and expansion that a meditation practice brings. Read on to learn […]

How to do a Heart Math Meditation

In the newest ACMM elective to be birthed: Opening into the Heart’s Wisdom: Heart centered practices; you are welcomed on a journey of self-discovery to deepen your heart connections through your work, life and your meditative practices. “Dare to connect with your heart. You will be lifting not only yourself and those you love and […]

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