Navigating Challenges with Confidence and Self compassion meditation teacher event

Navigating Challenges With Confidence and Self Compassion at ACMM

Last week, ACMM Meditation Teaching Community members gathered for our Peer Connection Group Session entitled ‘Navigating Challenges With Confidence and Self Compassion’.   This supportive event was designed for new Meditation Teachers and those studying with ACMM. It helped us to successfully manage the inevitable challenges and hiccups that come with starting or growing a new […]

Facebook and Canva Masterclass For Meditation Teachers

Last week, The ACMM Business Lounge Members attended an exclusive value-packed Masterclass on the topic of  ‘Facebook and Canva Masterclass for Beginners’.  This masterclass was aimed at new Meditation and Mindfulness Teachers looking to start a Facebook Business Page, launch Facebook Events and interested in learning how to use Canva for creative design. Read on […]

Discovering the Gift of Giving and Receiving

Last month, we held the last Peer Connection Group for 2023, where our incredible members came together once again as a community of meditation teachers, facilitators, current students, and graduated business owners to share and connect through our collective experiences. The intention of our Peer Connection Group (PCG) gathering was centred around the theme of […]

Does Fear Hold You Back From Teaching Meditation?

Recently over 40 of our treasured ACMM students and Business Lounge members gathered online for our Peer Connection Group. During this online gathering of connection we explored the powerful theme of fear. Fear is a normal experience, yet it is one that can hold us back in sharing our gifts and living our dreams. But […]

Passion, Purpose and the Practical with Uma Neave

Our recent Business Lounge LIVE event with Uma Neave was something special. It reinforced the importance of following your heart in business and trusting that life will provide, as well as being an inspiring and validating voice for each person’s unique offerings. It showed us how the practical can unfold from a deep purpose and […]

Relationship building for your meditation business

The ACMM Wild Peace Retreat in the Blue Mountains, (Gundungurra and Dharug land) NSW was the setting for our most recent Business Lounge session. After 2 ½ days of meditation and movement, nurturing and nature, we dove headlong into the business of meditation. The session covered transitioning and building relationships for your meditation business. It […]

Accidentally on Purpose – Our interview with Asher Packman

On Thursday evening 23 February we were blessed to have Asher Packman (President of Meditation Australia) join our Business Lounge LIVE webinar, sharing his journey and philosophy on life and business! Opening his soul and sharing his story vulnerably and with passion and poetry, Asher’s journey led him to create The Fifth Direction, a mythopoetic […]

Discover the ways meditation can refresh your life in 2023!

Meditation can help you experience a renewed sense of clarity and peace in your life. It can help you to become more mindful of your thoughts, feelings, and surroundings and create a space for inner growth and development. With regular practice, meditation can help you to prioritise self-care, build more positive relationships, and increase your […]

5 things to consider when planning a meditation retreat

If you’d like to create your own meditation retreat, there are a few things you may like to consider. Meditation retreats can be delivered in a range of experiential ways and the only limit when creating these nurturing experiences is your imagination. Meditation retreats are a beautiful way to provide a comprehensive and holistic meditation […]

How much does a meditation teacher need to meditate?

The Dalai Lama said that “All human beings have an innate desire to overcome suffering, to find happiness. Training the mind to think differently, through meditation, is one important way to avoid suffering and be happy.” Why do we teach meditation? Teaching meditation is an enriching and rewarding experience that empowers and relaxes others and deepens […]

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