Discovering the Gift of Giving and Receiving

Last month, we held the last Peer Connection Group for 2023, where our incredible members came together once again as a community of meditation teachers, facilitators, current students, and graduated business owners to share and connect through our collective experiences.

The intention of our Peer Connection Group (PCG) gathering was centred around the theme of “The Gift of Giving and Receiving.” The group delved into the profound value of both giving and receiving, acknowledging that at times, finding equilibrium between the two can be a challenge. ACMM Mentor and Co-facilitator of PCG, Sammy Wynn, shares highlights of the evening below.

The session began with a short and enriching meditation practice. Following this, we delved a little deeper into our theme by reflecting upon the following questions:

  • What would it feel like to allow yourself to receive?
  • What would change for you if giving was not about striving or one-way offerings?
  • What would unfold if you embraced the gift of giving and receiving?

To support our contemplation of these questions we also watched a short excerpt from the following powerful and insightful talk, which goes to the heart of the fulfilling mutual connection that can come from both giving and receiving.

What emerged throughout our time together is that, for most of us giving comes naturally, especially in our role as teachers and facilitators. However, it is more challenging to allow ourselves to receive.

Some of the key insights we explored as a group were:

  • Most of us find it easy to give yet challenging to receive.
  • Our ability to receive can often be associated with our feelings of worth and having to do or be more to feel valued and appreciated.
  • Receiving can in fact be a vulnerable process, one which we often deny ourselves by way of protection.
  • When we allow ourselves to receive we also allow the other person to give, both the giver and receiver are gifted with the benefits of mutual connection in the moment.

Following our group discussion, and feeling inspired after watching the video, the group flowed into breakout rooms where each group was invited to create affirmations as a group that they could use, if they felt called to, to bring a sense of openness and empowerment to their own willingness to receive.

Below, you’ll find some of their empowering affirmations:

  • I am open to receiving in honour of myself and others
  • I am open to receiving the gift of giving
  • I am open to the gift of receiving with kindness and compassion
  • I confidently give and gratefully receive
  • I am worthy of gratitude and open to receive
  • I am giving and receiving in perfect harmony
  • I am open to receiving with grace
  • I am humility, I am gratitude, I am interconnectedness.
  • I am the giver and the receiver. I am both

The power of these statements and the emotions they evoked within, allowed the group to truly honour the gift of giving and receiving – acknowledging and honouring how interconnected the two processes are.

Authors – ACMM Mentors, Samantha Wynn & Brea Willingham

As a student at ACMM, you will have free access to attend our regular online Peer Connection Groups. This is a space for you to come together with your fellow ACMM peers to connect, collaborate, explore, and lean on each other as you navigate your own path as a meditation student and teacher. These groups are designed to support you in sharing ideas, gaining insight from the collective wisdom of the group and accessing inspiration from like-minded people.

Would you like to join our next Peer Connection Group? Our next session will cover the topic of – Dream Big: Setting Impactful and Inspiring Intentions for 2024.

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