Passion, Purpose and the Practical with Uma Neave

Our recent Business Lounge LIVE event with Uma Neave was something special. It reinforced the importance of following your heart in business and trusting that life will provide, as well as being an inspiring and validating voice for each person’s unique offerings. It showed us how the practical can unfold from a deep purpose and passion. Throughout the evening Uma openly shared her heart providing great depth to the wisdom and teaching that arose.

Uma is an activist for Social Justice and the Earth and passionately shares traditional yoga, meditation and breath practice as a path of service and healing. She is known for her love and knowledge of Tantrik Shaivite and Shakta philosophy and mythology, weaving stories into the embodied practises of breath and moving meditation, taking practitioners beyond the asana. Uma also co-founded Bothyoga (breath of the heart) in 2020 in response to the global pandemic, delivering accessible, powerful pranayama online to more than 5000 people around the world!

Some of the insights we took away include:

  • How opening the door to meditation is always a journey inward and becomes the “love affair of life.”
  • How a simple question assists to clarify purpose any time.
  • An insight to our innate wholeness from Uma’s interpretation of the 8 Limbs of Yoga.
  • A possible pathway to building your online offering.
  • Creating pilot offerings and how it removes expectation, enhances creativity and can lead to incredible outcomes.
  • The importance of following your joy for creating balance.
  • The benefit and power of sharing stories as a meditation teacher.

Uma ended with an invitation to hold the flame as meditation teachers, to feel into our truth and share our uniqueness. It was a wonderful evening and a great honour to facilitate and have so many of you attend and create and share in the magic.

The full length recording is available in the Business Lounge LIVE Video Library.

Highlights Reel

We thought you might enjoy seeing some special moments from the live session:

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